No Rain Today

Today is my birthday.  I’m now officially in my mid-mid-thirties.  What the fuck?  When did that happen because i could have sworn I just had my 25th birthday.  I have a book on my desk that I use all the time.  I opened it the other day and there on the front cover was my name and the date I bought it.  Jan 1990.  Holy cow, I have a book that is 18 years old.  A book.  Do you know how old that makes me feel?  Ah, well, things are going too good for me to complain.

Things are boding well for my 36th year.

  • I had my hair done finally, in a teeny tiny little village and it is the best I’ve had in Germany, rivaling my guy in SF.  The cut isn’t exactly perfect, but man, it does look great.  Whodda thunk?
  • I got my birthday wish a few days early and I am so not complaining.
  • The smell of fresh cut grass is wafting in through my open windows.
  • I also got a great car stereo from the Sparkster.  Now when I drive my car, I can actually listen to music.  It hooks up to Lucius, my iPod, AND has a bluetooth hands free thingie so I can talk safely while driving.  And Sparky even washed the car for me so Gracie is all super sweet and clean.  Perfect for a topless drive.
  • And to the topless drive, today is also the first time ever, in the last 33 years (i can’t remember the first three) that it hasn’t rained on my birthday. Yeah, I grew up in California and yeah, it rained there too.  I had a party a few years ago and it stormed mightily.  It was the hail that finally put out the BBQ and my hopes, but not today!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I’m really touched and surprised.  Claire, or shall we call her Super Woman, even sent me a card that was delivered today.  How does that work?  If I didn’t know Claire personally, I would have thought she was one of those “Perfect Hair Women”.  You know who I’m talking about.  We’ve all met them and hated them at some point in our lives.

Anyway, I’m going to know go take a nap because I’m tired and I can. Then I’m going to take a drive in a gorgeous convertible and then perhaps go see the Dark Knight.

Life is good and I am happy.

I hope you have just as good a day as I’m having.


14 thoughts on “No Rain Today

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! sending you a big, wet b-day smooch.

    i can’t believe you mailed my CDs today. on your birthday.
    also, it’ll be so much more fun to have you chauffeur us
    around boweltown with the new stereo. YAY!

    have a great rest of your birthday! 🙂

  2. LOL! Sometimes you just have to trust the Post. So glad to hear that you are happy. May there be 365 more happy days to come.

  3. Happy birthday! As a gift, here’s a nice big helpng of Schadenfreude for you to enjoy!

    I have to study for my German driver’s license test because apparently if you have a New York license, you can’t drive, even though apparently everyone knows how to drive in Pennsylvanie, Michigan and Montana.

    I was bitching about this to the driving school lady…”why, I’ve been driving successfully now for..(calculate in head)…thirty five years.”

    Gulp. THIRTY FIVE YEARS. Why, I could be the parent of the Headbang who got his license all those years ago. I could probably be YOUR parent, Jen. Would you like that?

  4. Hi. Just came across your blog after Claire mentioned you during the upcoming meeting and wanted to stop to say hi & Happy Birthday!
    Love your blog and so glad I came across it. Will be adding you to GReader. I’ve been here in Germany for 7 years now. BTW, congrats on braving the small town hair dresser…I did the same thing recently and am SO GLAD. She’s not only fantastic but cheap…and before I was driving 4 hours to pay the same amount of money for a slightly worse hair cut, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with trying someone new.

    Happy birthday again and hope the weather there was as glorious all day as it was here…plenty of time for topless driving 🙂

  5. I remember that bbq. It started raining right after the grill was lit!

    Glad you had a wonderful day and hope your drive was refreshing.

  6. Happy Bizirthday! Oh how I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!

    Look Jen, ONE of us is gonna have to travel… and soon! Are you gonna come to Seattle or am I gonna have to get my butt over there again?! (OK fine… I’ll find a way! Think my boss would miss me if I took off for a few weeks? Me neither.)


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