I’m voting for Palin

Because I want to lose more rights as a woman and I really like that hockey mom attitude of take no prisoners (use all your political might to sack a BIL and yet FAIL and get caught).  I want to show women around the globe that you can have a career, make foolish choices and put your unborn child at grave risk and still be a winner.

You know, I started out a Hilary supporter for a number of reasons. After months of debate sparking much research (debating with Sparky requires mucho research or he’d pin my ass to the wall), I moved on to Obama.  I was touched that Palin mentioned me in her speech, I was one of those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling.

Because of that and because she’s female, I’m going to vote for her.  We need a woman in the White House, right?

Forget the part that she’s anti-choice.  Oh and she loves the idea of drilling in the wildlife preserve, only 2000 acres, and she has a proven record of abuse of power and very poor decision making skills. But she’s cute.  Does it say anything that I’ve seen more pictures of her legs than her face on right wing press?

Dude, if former Hilary supporters vote for Palin, they deserve the government they get.  Unfortunately. the rest of us (the world) will have to pay the price.

Oh, and just to show how mature I am, every time I see Cindy McCain, I want to punch her in the face.  She throws her ‘tude around like she’s the Star of My Super Sweet Sixteen.  She needs some help looking a bit more sympathetic.  She’s a very good warning to children around the world.  Don’t make that face or it might stay that way.


15 thoughts on “I’m voting for Palin

  1. Oh, and just to show how mature I am, every time I see Cindy McCain, I want to punch her in the face.

    Is it just me, or was she The Cryptkeeper in a previous life?

  2. I am personally offended that the Republican machine considers me a two bit whore to be bought by palin’s genitalia.

    However,I think that when you talk about Mrs. McCain in the light of her personal features, you are falling into the same misogynist trap and should think about whether that’s really the level of name calling that people deserve. Belt her for her personal life, her adultery, whatever you like, ut do we really have to knock other women based on what they look like?

  3. Cliff: Totally

    G: Of course you are right. There are many things I could pick on Cindy for. Let’s see, stealing drugs from her charity, having the doctor who turned her in fired and investigated by the FBI and the latest, telling everyone that it wa MOTHER TERESA herself who begged her to take the orphan now known as Briget when in fact, up until feb 2008, it had been nuns in a Mother T orphanage. Cindy, in fact, never met Mother T.

    Oh and there was that face she made when talking about how she has ALWAYS been proud America as opposed to Michelle Obama.

    I hate that face because it clearly displays her character at every turn. I should have been more clear as to why I want to punch her.

    I have no idea how to add link s in comments, but here is that youtube thing of cindy.

  4. G,

    Great comment. However, here’s my take:

    I think we should leave the families of the candidates out of it altogether. Cindy McCain has very little bearing on how good a president McCain would be… and the same goes for Michelle Obama on the other side. Also, adultery and personal life are two more things I’d like to see vanish from political life. I like my presidents to be sexually relaxed around that nuclear suitcase… and how they (or their wives) get off is no business of mine. Oddly enough, two of the greatest presidents in history (Jefferson and JFK) would not have been elected in modern media times for their adulterous ways. You think we’d have fared better duing the Cuban missile crisis with a stuck-up Jesus Freak?

    Why don’t we judge the candidates by the programs they propose to change the economic variables? By the bills they plan to introduce to strengthen individual iberties again? By their positions on science? Their energy and health care policies? You can read them on their web sites, but nobody bothers to look.

    Instead, precious timae and political capital is spent on discussions with such intellectual heavyweights as Pastor Rick… WTF? Who gives a hoot about what Sky-Wizard a presidential nominee believes in?

    The political process is broken. America is in decline.


  5. I think Cindy McCain has had a bad face lift. That is not slander or personal attack. It is just a fact. Also, there is so much botox there I think she doesn’t even know when she is smiling. I am not attacking her. I say no to bad cosmetic surgery regardless of race, creed, party, gender or sexual orientation.

  6. Jami – beiss mich — that’s bite me in german.

    Carol – Of course. I have a half a big room availible.

    Claire: probably, but I still think one’s character end up on their face.

  7. If you — like me — would like to see Hillary and Palin duke it out in 2012, VOTE FOR McCAIN-PALIN in November, 2008.

    Edgy-cated Arkansas white-trash versus the point guard FROM HELL. Game on!

    Please join me and vote REPUBLICAN in November.

    Let them eat mooseburgers!

  8. Sparky,

    We in America are doing just fine. Come back when those Germans (each one of whom has an inner-school-marm at the control panels) have tired you out. Last time in Germany (Berlin) I was riding a bike at sunset through a neighborhood where I used to live and a woman around sixty years of age flagged me down and informed me that by law my light was already supposed to be turned on. Germans.

  9. does anyone else think that john mccain is a bit like col. saul tighe in BSG? complete w/ the whole tortured while a POW thing… so basically, mccain is a cylon. and cindy is not wholly unlike slutty, boozy, ellen tighe (tho’ i must confess i’ve always had a soft spot for ellen — plus my ex saw that actress in the rec center in truckee. i think she’s canadian, so why she wasn’t just hangin’ in whistler, i don’t know…)

  10. Jeffrey –

    I hate the Germans even more than you do. Even though I am one of them.
    However, it is sad to see America (once the Greatest nation on Earth) to fall down to our level.

  11. Sparky,

    Whoa! I do NOT hate the Germans — at all. I lived in Germany twice and, while from an American perspective, the culture has some peculiarities (as all cultures do), I have a lot of respect for the culture and have many German friends. No sixty-year-old woman here in New York, of course, would EVER tell me to turn on the light on my bike. But in Germany it is not strange. Different culture.

    Why would you say — as a German — that you hate Germans? Well, it’s sehr Deutsch to say that, in fact. I remember one of my favorite Kaffee-und-Kuchen lines to surprise the Germans. While in the middle of a sehr ernst discussion, I would casually say that I really LIKED Germany and Germans. The shocked expression on their faces was priceless. German complaints and anxieties can wear one down, of course, especially for optimistic Americans, but to me it’s just part of general behavior of Germans. German negativity is turned back on themselves as much as on others. Just a few weeks ago I followed the German press reactions to the Olympics and was amused by how savage they were on their own athletes when after about a week ONE American (Phelps, of course) had more gold medals that the entire German team.

    Germany is a country of wonderfully focused negativity. The USA is nation of wonderfully focused positivity. Self-loathing is not unusual in Germany. In the States it’s pretty rare. One of the reasons that Michael Moore is so admired in Germany is that his self-loathing sounds very German to them (not to mention that this self-loathing American is an overweight slob in a baseball cap, the very image of the despised American).

    Finally, America is still a great country and will be for a long, long time. People come from all over the world and join us in our democratic project. The energy released from our collective enthusiasm has made us a vibrant place to live. Germany, on the other hand, should stay just for Germans. Turks will never be Germans — just an outsider’s opinion. Germans have a lot to contribute, but adding foreigners to the mix won’t work. Americans and Germans live at different levels, not higher or lower.

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