Hold On a Moment

Again, thank you all for your good wishes.  I was blown away.  The embryo is still doing fine. I, however, am not.

I want to talk about something in the next five minutes because that’s all the time I have before the hot flashes and nausea start making me crazy and the hot keys of my laptop make me want to throw it out the window because I can’t stand the stickiness between my fingers.

I’m cranky and tired and nauseous and I have to pee every ten minutes. (By the way, the perfect example that we were not created by intelligent design – What genius would have placed the bladder below the uterus? Makes no sense.) These are the things that they never tell you about.  Oh sure they tell you about them as if they are individual symptoms, but they never say they’ll hit you suddenly, all at once and the next thing you know you’re crying over jagerschnitzel for no reason at all.  I’m so cranky I’m even pissed off at the cats and I’m never pissed off at the cats.

It might have something to with the fact that when I’m trying to find a comfortable position in my bed of nails, they decide to jump on my head.

The crankiness could have something to do with the scent of every food item Sparky eats driving me to puke.

Or it could be the idea that this whole process ends in some sort of extreme pain.  I’ve always said that I am an elective C-section girl.  There are certain areas of my anatomy that are for “Entertainment Purposes Only”.  I’m so not one of those people who needs to do things naturally or wants to experience the joy of natural child birth.  So not my cup of tea.  Better life through drugs and medical intervention.  I mean really, why not allow centuries of science to make things easier?  There is no need to suffer (unless you are a musician).

That being said, research being done, C-sections hurt just as much, but in a different place.  The traditional method can cause all sorts of trauma to parts I had no idea were to be traumatized and the c-section is major surgery to the stomach muscles.  Ouch.  My ass or my stomach?  That’s what I have to choose from?

There has got to be a better way.  Right?

No, I’m not an idiot.  It’s just that things look a whole lot different on this side of the pee test.

I’m going to go sip on some tepid ginger ale.


14 thoughts on “Hold On a Moment

  1. Yup. It’s going to hurt no matter what. The recovery time for a c-section is much longer than that of vaginal…unless you tear real bad. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs from this side of the pond.

  2. It’ll hurt either way, though like Maria said, c-sections have a much longer recovery time. You can always get an epidural 🙂 I did and that was so much more fun!
    I had nausea for 9 months – if it gets bad ask for medicine (at least in the US) it’s the stuff they give to cancer patients and really truly works!
    Try drinking milkshakes, that was all I could keep down and they packed the protein and calories I needed. But everyone has their own ‘magic’ non-vomit cure. I hope you find yours soon!

  3. do i have to be afraid to come visit in october? is the first trimester over by then?

    PS: hang in there, i’m sure it’ll get better. and it will come out. one way or the other. and you will be fine 😉

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy. On the issue of bum or belly, my only advice is pick one or the other. My first kids, I pushed for more hours than I care to remember (and the epidural did not work for where I had pain) before they finally did a c-section. Second kid was schedule c-section and I was up and about next day and off the pain meds in less than a week. Go for one or the other, learn from my mistake 🙂

  5. Ah, the peeing thing. When I was pregnant I knew where the restroom was in every store and building I visited on a regular basis!

    Jen, I’ve done it both ways (c-section first time, regular way the second) and both had their ups and downs.

    Two things to remember about c-sections–they add scars and can affect your muscles. Doesn’t matter how much ballet and other exercise I do–I will never have flat abs again.

    That’s not a concern of mine and the Man likes me no matter what. He refers to my still slightly visible stretch marks as “baby stripes” akin to what kittens have, and considers them my badges of honor. But if you’re interested in wearing bikinis or other such it’s a consideration.

    Look, childbirth is painful. But so is a root canal. And at the end of the pain you get a BABY, the love of your life (sorry, Sparky and other guys) and you don’t give a damn about any of it.

    Keep sipping that ginger ale. If you’re hungry for anything, EAT it. And if not, the embryo will be fine and you may lose some weight, which can be an ego boo when you’re pregnant!

    And we’re all here listening when you need us….

  6. I’ve been told if I get pregnant I have no choice but to deliver by C-section, but after being in the room for the delivery of my friend’s first child, I am happy for this. I obviously haven’t had a C-ection, but I did undergo a myomectomy to remove 2 large uterine fibroids years. It took 6 weeks to recover. The pain wasn’t so bad.

  7. I really wanted to have the baby naturally, but he just wouldn’t come out. The c-section was not that bad. I was walking around two days later. I never took the pain meds (except the night after when I was given drugs to have contractions and my utuerus to get smaller. Then I was REALLY glad i had the c-section). The worst part was that it was pretty uncomfortable finding a sleeping position. After a week you are so tired anyway that you will sleep.

    The peeing thing goes away . . . but sadly it comes back near the end.

  8. I have to say I felt sick from the moment I lifted my head off the pillow until I went to bed, at the end of the day. This continued until the 16th week with both, then I felt just great.
    As for the delivery thing – both were normal. First was pure hell – forceps, bruised baby and very tender me. Second time was 2hours and 30 mins from beginning to end – no forceps, no tears and no cuts – yippe. I always felt it was only one day and it was worth it to have a healthy baby at the end of it.

  9. No one tells you these things because if they did the human race would die off. Being pregnant is terrible, wonderful, and the weirdest experience ever. I am one who is used to being in control of my body and what it does. I was in control of absolutely nothing for nine months and was constantly looking down at my body as if it were a foreign entity – “WTF?!!” was my catchphrase.
    I just know that I spent all my pregnancy thinking, Shit I can barely handle this part. What am I going to do when the baby comes? In truth, pregnancy is getting you ready for that time. You’ll be uncomfortable and exhausted (has insomnia hit yet?) and trying to get used to a totally foreign experience. It’s kinda the same once the baby comes, but you’ve had nine months to practice 🙂
    It’s overwhelming. But it’s also pretty amazing. And by “it” I mean ALL of it.

  10. oh, and there’s a hormone you excrete both during labor and after the kid’s born called oxytocin (the bonding or attachment hormone – it’s in both men and women). Oxytocin, funny as it sounds, kills brain cells. This is why, after going through it once, some people decide to do it again. Because it takes no time before you forget how painful it was 🙂

  11. When a c-section is necessary, there’s nothing you can do about it, but there is some science saying that vaginal birth is better for both mom and baby. Check out the book, “What’s Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life.”

    In my case, the anticipation of how painful the birth would be was the worst part. The birth WAS painful, as I can tell from reading my blog entry at the time about it, but within a week, a lot of that pain was forgotten, and a year later, I hardly remember at all. Maybe like atamian says, the oxytocin killed brain cells!

    But in the end, whatever you decide will be the right thing for you. Trust in your instincts.

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