Voter Detach and Keep This Stub

I voted yesterday.

Got my absentee ballot on Wednesday, researched the local and state props that I didn’t have a background on and mailed it out yesterday, First Class Air Mail.  Cost me four euros and the lady behind the counter, the ever thrifty German, told me if I had mailed it in a smaller, unofficial envelope, it would only cost me two Euros.  Ah, the price of democracy.

Filling out the ballot, I got all pissed off again because there are two California State props attacking civil liberties again and I just cannot understand it.

Prop 8 is to ban gay marriage and Prop 4 is another sly anti-choice piece of crap.  I’m pretty much used to the anti-choice shit, but you know what burns my ass?  This is a quote – “If the gay marriage ruling is not overturned, TEACHERS COULD BE REQUIRED to teach young children there is no difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage.” (The italics and capitalization is theirs, not mine.)

WTF? Its not different.  That’s the fucking point.

I got married in San Francisco City Hall.  A gorgeous building, for sure, but not a church.  Morality had nothing to do with our marriage. Sparky’s mother would attest to that.  She’s kinda happy we weren’t married in a church because when he finally realizes what a schlumpe I am, he can divorce my American ass and find a good German Frau.

Our marriage is a legal document.  It bears no reflection on how moral or righteous our love/union is, god forbid.  It gives me the right to make medical decisions if he cannot.  It gives us tax breaks. It allows us to keep marital assets if one us croaks and it allows me to live in Germany.  But no where in there did the State of California ask us anything about love or morality or where we put what.  Well, perhaps in the vows, but I saw that as mostly window dressing as we had already filled out paperwork and it was signed. Our vows and responses to said vows are not on record.  I can’t even remember the vows.  They were just the plain traditional ones, I suppose.  Love, honor, sickness, health, yada, yada, yada.  In fact, the most remarkable thing about our marriage ceremony was that it was officiated by a nice Chinese man named Dick Ow.  I liked that.

So really, WTF, people.  Prop 8 is about taking away civil liberties, basic human rights.  The supreme court already mandated that gay marriage is legal.  Just leave it alone already. And this is what kills me.

Who does it affect?   A nosy busybody who just can’t stand that the neighbor next door is doing something against his/her god?  Well, honey, I know a hell of a lot of straight couple that do many, many things against your god, but you don’t give a rats ass about them.  You don’t even think about your hetero neighbors because its between a man and a woman and perhaps the rottweiler they brought home.

Mind your own business.

So, anyway, I voted.  I wish I could get one of those cute little stickers, but at least I have the stub from the ballot.

Is anyone else surprised at how quickly those ballots got out after Palin was announced?  It made me sad to see her name on there.  Oh and Nader man, he just never gives up.


5 thoughts on “Voter Detach and Keep This Stub

  1. Hurmphf. I still didn’t get my freakin’ ballot. Though dh and I vote opposite so he said even if we do actually get them we cancel each other out anyway. SO not the point dear!

  2. I think you should tape the stub to your forehead for a day or two, to substitute for the sticker.

    We haven’t gotten ours yet, hopefully soon! I’m sure I’ll also be pained by the presence of Palin.

  3. You Go, Girl. I went to a No on 8 fundraiser/party last night. It was wonderfully ironic in that there was like a whole (hole?) backroom sex setup & most of the men there either had no interest in marriage, conveniently left their husbands @ home, or brought their husbands with them in search of a 3rd (or 4th?). Actually I met two different “triads” there (I’ve been working on getting a ‘playdate’ invitation from one of them — or rather, three of them). And I added to the irony by being the “Gay Divorcee.”


    -D (aka S)

  4. I really like that they were able to use rather harsh language including the word “eliminate”.

    The original wording of the November ballot initiative read, “[Proposition 8] amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

    The current language says that the initiative “Changes California Constitution to eliminate right of same-sex couples to marry.”

    It has been proven that people are less likely to vote in favor of eliminating rights. I’m still crossing my fingers!

  5. Hallelujah! Now see, if I could write like you, I’d WRITE instead of posting silly pictures of leaves! Beautifully stated, and I couldn’t agree more.


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