Because I wasn’t feeling miserable enough

I’ve been all weepy (for no reason) and anxious (little reason,not big) recently. Sparky and I rented movies this weekend to help get me out of the funk and spare him more Gilmore Girls. We picked up some real lighthearted fare:

The Life Before Her Eyes

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead

Yeah, not such good picks. I mean, the movies themselves were great, but awfully heavy. I passed on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly because well, I thought it would be too sad. I, apparently didn’t know what sad was.

I had to calm down with a disc of Gilmore Girls except I’m re-watching again (thanks to insomnia) and am in season six where Lorelei and Luke are having all sorts of problems which in turn caused me to cry into the night.

Sparky is so glad he can sleep through anything.

Dude, regardless of what he wants, next time I’m grabbing anything with Queen Latifah.


9 thoughts on “Because I wasn’t feeling miserable enough

  1. Okay, you MUST know the general funk and sudden tears are pregnancy-related, right? In fact, my first pregnancy was only accompanied by that one symptom during the first three months. I cried when the printer at work ran out of paper! Anyway, it’s a good time to retreat into children’s movies and romantic comedy. If you haven’t already seen it, Enchanted is one movie that put a smile on my face from the beginning and never let me down throughout.

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