Dude, Coffee

So even though my doctor told me I could drink a cup of coffee in the morning, I had stopped.  A just in case kind of thing. I had weened down previously so it was more of an emotional issue than a physical, but emotionally, I really missed him.

I have a project that needs to be done today, this morning, without fail and after I dropped Sparky off at the train station, I picked up a latte.

The morning sickness that has kept me nearly bed-ridden for the last few weeks is gone.  I’ve been able to read for longer than than 20 minutes without a raging, nauseating migraine.  I’m not tensing my stomach to hold its contents in place. I can sit up right.

And I’m so almost done with this project.  My dear friend Tobi will be happy and might even continue to be my friend even though I’ve been a total flake on this.

All because of one little cup of coffee.

Really, I’m pretty much in love with coffee.


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