Bremen Bound

I’m currently in Hamburg at Sparky’s agency.  It’s all men except for one woman and it smells like aftershave and testosterone with a hint of cigarettes.  It kind of reminds me of a college party, if you know what I mean.  Maybe I should say certain aspects of a college party.  It’s kind of nice.

I digress.  Sparky and I are on our way to Bremen and the 4th Annual WEBMU.  It was up in the air until yesterday when my doctor gave me the go ahead.

Claire has gone above and beyond to organize and coordiante this whole thing.  I want to be like Claire when I grow up. And it seems like there are more people going than ever.  It’s nice to see something that started so small grow into something new expats are interested in.

So it’s not too late.   Get up here and enjoy the company.  Seriously, we rock. Perhaps there is someone who had a bad time and I’m sure I’ve accidentally insulted many people with the conversational filter disorder I have, but I have yet to talk to anyone who had a bad time at one of these functions.  Or at least no one has told me to my face that they had a bad time.

And one more thing.  Most expats are shy and semi-anti-social.  So don’t think you can’t go.  We are an odd type of person, you are not alone.

See there I go insulting people again.

I’m going to go now before I do more damage.


8 thoughts on “Bremen Bound

  1. Well, I WISH I could come. Mozart has come between us.
    But do send my regards, and regrets that I can’t be there.
    Take a picture of yourselves in front of the Town Musicians statue for me.

  2. Thanks headbang8, everything was just dandy.
    It was a pleasure meeting you all… and I will contact you shortly to see if we can do some business together, pushy boy that I am.

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