Rationality has come back and Sparky is safe again

So we’re back. Well, rather we’ve been back from Bremen since Sunday where both Sparky and I had an excellent time meeting old friends and making new ones. I’ll say it again, these meet ups are awesome and people always seem to find a good rhythm with each other. I don’t know if its just me, but everyone is always so natural and it seems like the boundaries and barriers of everyday life fly out the window. I love it.

J was awesome as usual and Claire. Phew. I want to be her when I grow up. She rocked the meet-up. She has set meet-up standards to whole new level. Thank you both for putting together an amazing weekend.

Adam, I would like you to know that your choice of the word moist has settled firmly into my brain and as much as I hate it, I think it all the freakin’ time, in your context. Thanks. And you know what’s nice? Somehow golden showers came up and Adam didn’t even blink an eye. I felt right at home.

Ian came into the cafe that morning and even though we had never met, again, I felt like we were old friends.

Snooks, I wanted to take you home. You’re like a kitten but without all the fur. oh and your human.

Speaking of kittens, one of my favorite parts of the Bremen tour was this thing in the ground for the local animal shelter. You drop in a coin and it makes animal sounds. It sounds like there is a kitten, dog, chicken and I can’t remember what else in the sewer. It made me want to jump in and save them all. Instead Sparky dropped a lot of coinage.

Headbang8 is so interesting. He’s one of these men that you want to sit and talk to all day because you are sure to pick up bits of wisdom as they fall out of his mouth. And he has a kindness that comes with a certain type of humility. I’m kind of a fan.

I loved sitting with Andrea and June for dinner. Andrea has such a warm smile and positiveness about her, you can’t help to feel it warm your core. June was a good sport as I spoke about a trip to Dallas which included a hotel room racial fight and a make-up stop at Nieman’s.

And the Stroller brigade? We had G, Alice and Yelli. They all made me feel like I could actually have a kid and my life would not end. I got tons of great advice and lots of encouragement. It was awesome watching the dads take over kid herding and let the moms talk. And the best part was, well, the funny part, was that while the kids were all wired, the dads looked like they needed a nap. I’m told this is a normal state of being as a parent.

Yelli, Sparky could not stop talking about you guys. Looks like were making a trip north east soon.

I couldn’t walk the entire city tour as I had already gone well beyond my doctor instructed 30 minute limit, so Sparky and I headed towards the area where we ate lunch. At some point I heard my name being called. In California, if someone calls out “Jen” I’d never even bother looking around because every other girl is named Jen or some variation. In Krautland, not so much.

Turns out it was J accompanied by Diane, Max and Charlie the cutest dog in the world. We got to sit in the sun for about an hour and chit chat up close and personal. As Diane and Max live semi-nearby, I believe they should come over for dinner soon. Well, as soon as I can cook again without wanting to slit my throat.

I wish I could have spoken more to everyone, but somehow missed out on PapaScott Heidelbergerin and Regensblog.

I spent the afternoon on my ass in Starbucks with Claire and Mausi and Alex and Kim. Get four women together for four hours and time flies. Simply awesome. I could use more days like that.

This weekend coming up, Kim and Chris, her American, are coming to stay for a couple of days. I’m very much looking forward to this.

Did you get lost in all those links above? That’s what these meet ups are like. So many people you want to talk to and a friendly chaos all weekend.

We did miss the Sunday breakfast, though. This was caused by a combination of the inability to actually get to the Alt Stadt because of a stupid marathon and my complete lack of rationality. I was hoping to get in some face time with Alice as she has been invaluable to me the past few weeks via e-mail and I really wanted to hang with her for a bit.

This is where you all start to feel sorry for Sparky.

We were driving, on our way to a delightful breakfast, when we hit a road block. The policeman told us to park and walk, that it’s not that far, just over a bridge we could not see and down a bit. Sparky says okay and drives into a neighborhood.

This is where I leave the land of rationality and reality behind and fall into the twilight zone. I got so mad at Sparky for listening to the cop because you know, he was following a random guy’s direction and oh, he was doing what he’s told and isn’t that just fabulous. Good thing he doesn’t have to think for himself because there is nothing I hate more than a follow a leader mentality (unless of course I’m the leader then you had better goose step to my beat).


It turned into a fit of unmeasurable proportions. I got so worked up, solo here as Sparky was sort of shell shocked, that even though I knew I was being totally ridiculous, I could not find a way back to the rational world for oh, about 7 hours.

I think if he could have, he would have driven through the roadblock to get me to that breakfast because 1. that was the only thing that would have made me happy (really) and 2. He just wanted to be rid of me but it’s hard to justify throwing your pregnant wife out of the car no matter how much she might deserve it.

So all in all, a great weekend. I can’t wait for next year. I am voting for Berlin, but because Berlin is such a big city, we can focus on one smallish part, don’t you think?


9 thoughts on “Rationality has come back and Sparky is safe again

  1. I loved seeing you guys again. And I totally understand the meltdown, I was seriously bummed you guys couldn’t get into the city. I had a whole stroller thing for ya! I’ll be quick – can’t go wrong with the P3. And they come in some seriously cute patterns and colors these days.
    Here’s to another awesome weekend among friends. Looking so forward to next year wherever that maybe be.
    Berlin, anyone?

  2. I wish I could have spoken more to everyone, but somehow missed out on PapaScott Heidelbergerin and Regensblog.

    Hey, we’re not going anywhere, so I’m confident the opportunity will come knocking again sometime soon.

    So all in all, a great weekend. I can’t wait for next year. I am voting for Berlin, but because Berlin is such a big city, we can focus on one smallish part, don’t you think?

    Me too, but I’m also intrigued by the idea of a meetup in wine country, as suggested by Martinis For Two. On the other hand, we (Sarah and I) might have to rent a car for that, or split one with someone, or something, if we’re to frolic in the vineyards outside of the reach of public transportation.

    Oh, and as to the actual voting: I’ve set up a discussion board at http://meetup.regensblog.com and I *think* polling is actually working there now. Care to cast a vote?

  3. “Snooks, I wanted to take you home.”

    Omg! I had just written darn near the exact same thing in the feeble attempt at a write-up I’ve just started.

    Glad you guys attended, but all of us were bummed that you guys couldn’t make it to brunch.

    I completely agree with what you’ve written about The Meet-Up.

  4. Sounds like it’s be safer to be trapped in a blender than with you in a car during a hissy fit. 🙂

    Put me on the list of bloggers boosting Berlin for next time, btw.

  5. you are MORE than welcome anytime in Berlin to visit. I enjoyed the few moments conversation with you that I had while chasing (or watching his Papa chase) my toddler and the Scientist was as excited to talk with you also as…well…a scientist can be!

    I want to also hear more about viral marketing because I am guessing it has nothing to do with viruses!!!!!

  6. Yeah! Another vote for Berlin! I was sorry not to get the chance to talk more, but wow, there were a lot of us!

  7. All the link on yours! I found you through all the other links at Papa Scott’s TQE, and Heidelbergen. I so made the mistake of having to read all the write ups – jealousy. But you make them come alive. I kinda want to reverse time, live in Germany and come along

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