Had a great and exhausting weekend. Kim and C came to stay. I’m currently drinking out of my brand new Heidelberg mug that Kim so thoughtfully brought me to add to my vast collection of Starbucks mugs. And it’s PINK.

We had a great time, at least Sparky and I did. Sparky got to play tour guide and share the wikipedia of information he has in that head of his. C kept asking Sparky how old random buildings were and Sparky actually knew. This disappointed me as I wanted to catch him talking out of his ass and knock him down a peg as is my job, but sadly, he actually knew. Well, he knew the century and I suppose when talking about castles and churches, 100 year flexibility is allowed.

I, on the other hand, had a great time making C giggle by saying “Boobies” every once in a while.

Kim reminds me so much of my sister that I had to ask her to kick me remind me that she was not, in fact, my sister if I started ordering her around. No wonder I like her. I swear she’s got my family DNA in her somewhere.

Other random things:

Category: A little late, but thanks:

  • I got my sample ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet last Thursday. I mailed in my actual ballot more than two weeks ago.
  • My health insurance approved me for IUI. Thanks, but uh, that boat has already sailed. In fact, you can start expecting some serious prenatal bills. I’ll mail those off to you today.

Category: Why I worry or I swear I didn’t know they were that stupid

  • Jeff called me Saturday morning. He was with our friend S (a straight guy who collects gay porn). After an afternoon at the shooting range, they dropped their guns off at home and headed to Hooter’s. After their fair share of T&A, they went to another bar. Once they had their fill, they went home to clean their guns. Nothing like a little whiskey to help with gun cleanin’. And a requisite phone call to little old me in Krautland.

Apparently I worry too much because according to the both of them, cleaning guns and whiskey is a perfectly safe duo as the guns are in pieces. I’m not convinced either.

Category: Things I love about Germany

  • Autumn – Dude, seriously, in my dream arrangement, we live here for autumn and winter and live in SF for spring and summer. I just can’t get enough of the fall colors. And the perpetual grey skies and rain really set off those colors nicely.
  • Sparky – I won’t go into exactly why, but I’m kind of crushing on him lately. Perhaps it’s all that knowledge of castles and churches and legends about greedy Bishops being eaten by mice.
  • Never mind. Sparky just told me that his twittering was way more important than proof reading this post. Twitter! I’ll give you a twitter! And yes, Sparky I feel better now.

6 thoughts on “Boobies

  1. we had the BEST weekend with you guys. i’m still at awe about how much sparky knows – and in two languages!

    C was in heaven there surrounded by castles and old city walls and i swear he asked the age question seriously, and not to test sparky 😉 he still gets a major kick out of every building older than 500 years.

    i had the best time surrounded by you guys and those beautiful fall colors and i think i really have to meet your sister some time. we probably won’t get along 😀

    i’m glad you enjoy the mug and i like the fact that you won’t ever be able to use it without thinking of me. HA!

    PS: the word “boobies” makes C giggle ever since we saw a baby-onesie with “hmmm…boobies” on it. 😉

  2. Wait. Sparky Tweets? Now that I’d love to read. It has to be funny!

    Anyway, I think you’re crushin’ on him ’cause he’s your baby’s daddy! 🙂

  3. straight guys, gay porn, shooting range, Hooters, whiskey, gun cleaning — i LOVE this little story. It gives me a very vivid images — like a short film which i desperately want to see. it would win awards @ all the best little indie film fests.

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