A place in time

Today is the anniversary of my first date with Sparky. You can read about it here if you want. Needless to say, in the last two years since that post was written, we have almost broken up several hundred more times, a couple of times very seriously. But again, somehow, somewhere we scrounge up the courage and strength to face the problem and slay the beast. We adjust our hopes and our dreams and move forward, together.

Man, it is really, really hard at times. At our one year wedding anniversary, we were in San Francisco. I was sitting with my step-dad and said something to the effect of “Phew. The first year is over. I hear the first year is the hardest.”

My step-dad laughed. Out loud. It takes a lot to to get him to laugh audibly. He just looked at me and said, “Jen, EVERY year is the hardest.”

And he wasn’t lying.

Last year, sitting with my step-dad, he congratulated me. Apparently Sparky and I stayed married for longer than any of the bets made on our wedding day. No one expected us to make it past a year, let alone four. We’re almost to five. (By the way, I still think Sparky and I should have collected on all those bets, Dad, Jeff, Mim, Aunties.)

I keep waiting for one of those Camelot years that flow beautifully and easily; where it’s not such hard work and growth opportunities are as pleasurable as the scent of a rose. I suppose they don’t really exist except in hindsight. So I’ll keep moving forward and wait for it.

As today is also the 12 week mark of this pregnancy, I’m confident those days are on their way.

Just let me believe that.


12 thoughts on “A place in time

  1. beaner will keep holding on strong and i hear the peeing because of him pressing on the bladder will annoy the hell outta you soon. congrats to 12 weeks and the anniversary 🙂

  2. Congrats! We are at 7 1/2 years and nope, not one solid year is always easy. But that’s ok. It’s going to make hitting the 50 year mark really worth it!

  3. we had some very easy years… and look what’s happening to us! let’s hope it stays challenging & fulfilling for you both (er, all 3 of you)…

  4. We don’t have easy “years” but we do have some pretty good months though. I think that it does not matter if you are single or married, we are at that age when if it ain’t one damn thing it is another.

    I think you will find your relationship strengthen during and after pregnancy. Although it is tougher than anything thus far, it is, by far the most rewarding. I will never forget lying on the sofa about 3 weeks after Christopher was born, and looking over and seeing Matthias holding him and smiling. I was so in love with both of them that I cried . . . wait, man, it always makes me a little misty eyed.

  5. We celebrated 25 years of marriage (as you know) last May and ya know what? I think the hardest years were 16 – 18. Congratulations to you both. I think you’re a wonderful couple! And baby will just make it better.


  6. Congrats! There is hope out there, even for the couples who fight. How inspiring is that?! I am going to read about the first date…Suspense is killing me for sure.

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