More on pregnancy so just move on if this stuff bores you

Did I mention that I have procured my plane tickets back to the States?  Actually, I bought Sparky’s days ahead of mine while I decided my exact dates.  By the time I got to mine, the prices had gone up $200 bucks.  I’ll be in SF by December 1st.

In other news, I’ve got a new obsession.  Cucumber water.  I drink it all day long and prefer it to anything else.  Add this to my weird cravings list of any and all fruit.  I can’t get enough fruit.  That’s how it feels.  I. Can’t. Get. Enough.  I think I almost took out one of Sparky’s eyes when he innocently tried to eat a slice of apple the other night.  I think I might have even growled, a low in the throat growl. I can only say, it wasn’t me.

Loki is moving and shaking all the time now.  A bit early according to the ten thousand books I’ve read, but the kid has a ‘tude.  What can I say, it’s genetic. (I’m over the evil kid thing.)  He’s letting me know quite frequently when he’s feeling squooshed.  I get little tiny jab-jabs.  I bend over – jab-jab.  I wear my skinny jeans with the rubber band and sit up straight – jab-jab.   I’m going to have to retire the skinny jeans even though they fit everywhere but the tummy.  This makes me rather sad as they still look fabu and my other jeans make me feel fat.

I think I’m going to skip the amnio and cross my fingers about the trisomy 13/18 thing I’ve been scared shitless about.  We’ll go in tomorrow and talk to the expert, but apparently this pregnancy thing triggers all sorts of scaredy reactions. I would hate to be one of 1 in 600 to miscarry a perfectly healthy little one making sure he was healthy.  Which terrifying door do I want to open?

Anyway, in other non-baby news, well, there isn’t any.  Its all baby all the time right now.  Seriously, this shit gets boring, but I Can’t Help It.  Something has taken over my brain.


6 thoughts on “More on pregnancy so just move on if this stuff bores you

  1. Pregnesia set in yet? I love the PG talk, so no sweat there. I’ll keep reading. Oh, and I also craved fruit. Like eat an entire watermelon a day kind of craving. Not to mention any and all fruit!

  2. I like hearing your take on the pregy too. It is the most bizzare experience. I didn’t do it much on the blog but in person I’ve told all my friends about the weird and bizzare things – I think I’ve grossed them all out. Sharing YOUR body with another human IS an all-consuming experience, and it draws whole new boundaries.
    Though i don’t think I craved as much fruit. Mine was protein and fat based – fish, ice cream, avocados, and thick slabs of red meat (no other meat though). But being a fruitaholic normally I understand. Cucumber juice actually sounds good to me and I’m not pregnant!

  3. I like to hear it because it means everything is OK!!
    If the doctors don’t spot anything on the ultrasound, then I would skip the evasive tests. Like I said, the chances are higher that you will actually have a perfectly healthy, normal baby.
    Don’t forget your calcium and iron!

  4. Hi, I found you through KaritaG. I just thought it was funny because I just moved to Northern Germany about 2 days ago.. And fall here IS beautiful… In Oklahoma (where I am from) everything turned brown immediately, which isn’t usually the case. So I am definately enjoying the foliage, I believe I will be taking a bike ride around my village tomorrow, and buying some hangers.. I seriously need hangers.. And Euros.. LOL…

  5. Keep it coming, honey. You know we love it. Just wait until you give birth – you won’t shut up until you’ve told at least 10,000 people The Birthing Story whether they want to hear it or not.

    Has Loki had the hiccups yet? That’s always fun.

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