Can I never talk about Palin again?

“The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

I promise you, we as a people will get there.”

So, the world has changed a bit since the last time I checked in.

Can you read the transcript of The Grant Park speech and not be moved?  Can you watch it and not cry tears of joy and hope and all that good stuff that sits in the center of your chest congesting you with what?  what’s that?  Happiness?

Oops, excuse me.  I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich while talking on the phone and I always get a little sick when I eat too fast.  Just a sec.

I, like everyone else I know, am so proud that America elected Obama.  So proud. I stayed up all night watching the election.  I fell asleep before the first polls closed and woke up shortly after to the numbers of 11 to McCain and 3 to Obama.  After that I couldn’t sleep I was so worried.  Between my laptop and the four English news channels, I kept updated.  Did anyone else notice that the British channels were ahead in the numbers as compared to the American channels?  I woke Sparky at 8 to let him know the good news.

Did anyone else find Jesse Jackson a little disingenuous?  I mean, he wanted to “cut his nuts off” a year ago.

However, I have to say, my joy was bittersweet.  Not because Obama was anything less than spectacular or that his speech didn’t bring me to tears or the absolute hope I feel that we are a new America, but because California disappointed me.

Prop 8 passed.

Looking back and reading all the 4 million articles about why it didn’t, only makes me more upset.  The injustice of it burns.  All those people who voted to eliminate the established right to gay marriage can go about their lives as if nothing happened because nothing did for them. But the funny horrible thing is, had it not passed, they could have gone about their lives like nothing happened because, in their lives, nothing would have changed. And the Mor(m)on church has the gall to say, “it’s nothing personal.”

The passing of that Prop 8 is horribly, terribly personal.  It horribly, terribly affected the lives of every gay person in California and the lives of those who love them.  And the kids?  How’s that for a family value?  Committed love is only love if it fits into our moral pigeon hole or if you wear secret blessed by god underwear.

I totally agree with Melissa Etheridge.  If gays and lesbians don’t have the right to marry, don’t have the same benefits of a committed relationship that straight people have, why should they pay the same amount in State taxes?

I just don’t understand.  I can’t understand it and the injustice pushes me to frustrated tears every time I think about it.

Ollie just knocked over my glass of cherry pomegranate juice.  I have to go make cat soup after I clean the red stain from my floor.

Come back tomorrow for happier news, Loki news.  Boy or girl news.  Place your bets.


4 thoughts on “Can I never talk about Palin again?

  1. I am with you on Obama. I was moved by his speech (although I cried more at the end of Sleeepless in Seattle).
    Go right ahead and talk about Palin! We haven’t seen the end of her yet, she is calling the McCain staffers jerks today and is livid because she was not allowed to give the speech she had prepared when John conceded defeat.
    But let’s meet in this spot in 2012 and see who is remembered: Sarah Palin or Britney Spears.
    I would, however, vote for Tina Fey.

  2. i say loki’s a boy. just a feeling. and i hope you will call him helmut.
    cause that was my dad’s name and, well wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

    PS. i’m sad we didn’t get to meet because i’m sick 😦

  3. Geoffry: I can’t stand that woman, but you know it’s the old scorpion and the frog parable. She didn’t change, she’s always been who she is. She’s obviously never read any Machiavelli or Sun Tzu. She’s got nothing going on there but sheer aggressive ambition. But the Republicans chose her. As much interest i have in reading the tidbits of exactly aweful she is, i find it repugnant that the team that pulled her expected anything different.
    phew. I had that in me for a while.

    I’d vote for Tina too.

    Kim: I’m sorry to inform you that regardless if its a girl or a boy, Helmut is not on the short list of names. I would hate to take that honor from you and your future children. 😉

    Yeah, it sucked! Don’t they have vaccines for whooping cough? You know its a pretty serious thing, right? Kills lots of kids in 3rd world countries. After our US trips, i think we might need a girlie weekend. You game?

  4. i don’t know if you can get a vaccine for that, i actually had it as a kid and didn’t even know you could get it as an adult… but it’s really not THAT horrible. luckily.

    oh and girly weekend early 2009? – YOU’RE ON!

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