M&M’s have been found to reduce weight in pregnant ladies, right?

I feel sick. I ate too many M&M’s. I’m feeling fat and we all know that eating too much candy is a perfect way to combat feeling fat. My boobs are massive and it seems overnight my stomach has its own zip code and that zip code is right next to the zip code my boobs inhabit.

I’m only in the last week of my fourth month. What am I going to look like next month or god forbid in 5 months? I spent two years losing close to 200 lbs. Then I spent 6 months on fertility drugs to get pregnant. It’s not like I didn’t know I’d be gaining weight, but it was more in theory. I guess it’s like finally realizing that the pregnancy doesn’t end with a “Beam him out, Scotty” kind of thing. Only after getting pregnant did I fully realize that the end of this ride was painful – no matter how it’s done. Only now am I realizing I’m going to get fat again. I hated being fat and it’s not like I have ever been skinny, but I had gotten into a size 16 jean and that was quite the accomplishment from where I had been.

I feel like I’m supposed to really embrace this time, enjoy my new body, but you know what? It’s just my old body. I walked hundreds of kilometres to get away from that body. I went on an all liquid diet for two months (Dr. prescribed and observed). I didn’t even look at a carbohydrate for 2.5 years. You couldn’t even say the word “carb” around me. It was protein shakes and lean meats and veggies. The motivator was trying on my clothes as I lost weight and doing one of those step-into-one-of-the-legs-of-my-old-jeans kind of thing to keep me going.

Now? I can’t diet, but I’m eating healthily. I’m still on limited exercise because we want Loki to stay where he is, so it’s not like I can sweat it out to the oldies.

I’ve gained 6 pounds in this pregnancy so far, but it looks like so much more. How does that work? My face is plumper and my boobs. Jesus. Sparky looked at me the other night and said. “Wow. Loki certainly isn’t going to starve.”

I had no hopes of that cute basketball belly. Losing 200 pounds leaves its mark, but I thought that maybe I could look pregnant and not just fat.

I’m going home in 2 weeks and for the last three years, I’ve gone home looking better and better. This year, not so much. And I swear, if anyone tries to touch my stomach, I’ll deck them.

So yeah, I’ve eaten the entire bag of M&M’s. Sparky is at the gym and I’m going to go fold the clothes that no longer fit and be grateful that I didn’t get rid of all my fat pants because honey, even the fat jeans are looking a little tight.


9 thoughts on “M&M’s have been found to reduce weight in pregnant ladies, right?

  1. look at a picture of loki and you know what you’re doing this for. and once he’s here you have the rest of your life to punish him for what he did to your body 😉 i’m sorry you’re having a blah! day. xoxoxo

    oh and i really, 100% understand how going home not looking better than the last time you were there sucks. same here. only, i’m not pregnant, i just gained 30 pounds since the last time we were in IN and am fat. in fact, compared to the last time i saw “my family” in MN it’s probably been even more than 30 pounds and as much as i’m looking forward to seeing them, part of me is almost too embarrassed and just wants to cancel the trip. but i won’t.

    i’m sure your family and friends will simply be happy to see you and your pregnant self – even in the bigger jeans size 😉

  2. Yeah, it’s a total pity party today. I’ll get over it i suppose and really, my family and friends couldn’t care less what weight I’m at and I know that. It’s just my own dissatisfaction. And Loki is totally worth it, i know. i just wish i could be one of those women whol ook all cute and tiny until they turn to the side. Know what I mean?

    And the pregnancy fat face? Ugh. I was hoping to avoid that.

  3. oh i KNOW what you mean. i LOVE pregnant bellies and those ladies that look absolutely gorgeous until the day they pop it out (and right away the next day again). i actually took photos of my friend in underwear for her man when she was pregnant and she looked so hot. probably won’t happen to me but hey, that’s life. you know you’re gorgeous and this is probably just one of “those days”. xoxoxo

  4. If it makes you feel better, at the beginning of this pregnancy I was losing weight but gaining breasts and thighs. I don’t know how that works, really, but my boobs doubled in size in the first month and they haven’t gone down six months later (and I still haven’t gained much weight despite having a belly the size of a soccer ball). But the belly balances it all out. Just stop looking at the scale and keep enjoying those m&ms. Chocolate’s good for the baby. Hasn’t anyone mentioned that?

  5. I got huge the last month of my pregnancy. It was like I blew up. However, I lost all the weight by 4 months after the birth. On the other hand, I lost it all because I was depressed and stopped eating. Then I got happy and started eating and the weight is coming back. Moral of the story: you can’t win so don’t try, just enjoy. You will get back down again. For me it wasn’t M&Ms, it was gummi bears!! LOVED Gummi bears. Now I cannot even look at them.

  6. Bah, this stage of the pregnancy is all about feeling and looking kind of fat vs pregnant. BUT it changes fairly quickly and the belly rounds out and firms up as time passes. I’m in this blobby phase now too (15 weeks). Hang in there – it’s a funky transition time right now!



  7. I’ll send you a picture. I ate those baby twix bars. Frozen. Every night for the last two months or so. It showed. I love you and loki! 🙂

  8. You guys rock. I was losing weight too at the beginning. I was stocked and my doctors were happy because you know I’ve started this process a bit higher than most women. My thighs were skinny, just like C and my boobs, man I’m up two cup sizes.

    I ate chocolate ice cream last night and that had magical healing powers. I think I’ll have some more right now.

  9. Well, I suppose someone might tell you that the little one will give you plenty of exercise … yeah, right. I thought Sparky’s remark was cute for a second, and then I realized its the kind of rude thing we breast-ogling males would typically say. Oh well, can’t live with us, have to mow the lawn without us.

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