I’ve always thought I was more the Miss Scarlett type

Me: So I’ve registered for the baby shower. Do you think I’ll need more than 4 bottles? I’m planning on breastfeeding so…

Auntie P: (hysterical laughter) Uh, yeah, you’ll need more. You didn’t register for any blankets.

Me: Well, I have two. Will I need more than that?

Auntie P: (more hysterical laughter)

My step-mom is throwing me a baby shower when I’m home. For this I am eternally grateful. My aunties are checking and double checking my registry. Apparently it is the skimpiest saddest registry they’ve ever seen. After a flurry of e-mails and phone calls, I’m now on the right track with more blankets and bibs and bottles.

Apparently, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies.


12 thoughts on “I’ve always thought I was more the Miss Scarlett type

  1. Is there a list for the germany-based folk to purchase from? Although, considering the number of expat pregnancies right now, that could be an expensive proposition for us….

  2. If you can, when you go to register, take along someone who recently had a baby. They will be able to help you to know all the things you need.

  3. If you do plan on buying bottles, you might want to wait and buy some later rather than getting them now. They are not that expensive and not having any bottles or formula in the house at all in the early days can be a good idea. Breastfeeding is not always easy at first, but it is so worthwhile and too many moms are tempted easily to give up if they have the goods on hand to help them do that. And one bottle here and there can be a slippery slope. You also don’t want to give any bottles for at least the first 6 to 8 weeks to avoid nipple confusion.

  4. On top of what phD in parenting said, you don’t know which bottle your baby will like. We had to try several types/nipples before we found one The Boy would take.

    Oh, and keep in mind, outside the essentials, a lot is personal preference– swaddling blanket vs wrap vs nothing, pacifiers, clothes, diaper genie vs pail, etc are all your preference.

    All baby needs is a boob or two, diapers, mama, daddy and maybe a few outfits/blankets to keep warm. 🙂

  5. I agree with phidinparenting about nipple confusion. Apparently that’s important and remember little “angel” weaned herself of the breast nipple once a bottle was put in her mouth. This was, of course, good for my nipple but bad for my self-guilt. Have you ever seen her near my breast since a bottle was placed in her reach? Didn’t think so. And blankets? You can never get enough, particularly burping blankets as they go quicker than toilet paper on a big ass. I have some that haven’t been used since she began real food. They’re yours as I no longer need them though i’ve kept them in storage just in case. That just in case was apparently “just in case Jen needs them in the future”. Basically, no matter what all of us PhD moms say, it’s all up to you to figure out. We’re just here to help you when you cry and feel overwhelmed cause that’s the time you’ll actually desire the advice you’re now getting “just in case”. Really, none of it will be remembered. Trust me. None of it will be used until you realize, oh shit, x, y or z, said this and that; I’ll try it. Baby, you’re on your own and you’ll do just fine cause you know what? All moms who love their little babies find a way to figure it out better than anyone else could advice. I love you. You’ll be a great mom. I’m sad I won’t be here for it unless you schedule the C-section for December. We’ll of course discuss this privately over breakfast in the morning. It’s time for me to go and you to be a mom. You got plenty of baby/kid experience on my kids. You’ll do great. So will Sparky. I love you both.

  6. Dude, I gave up breastfeeding after one week. I have my fingers crossed that you can do better than I. That said, the Dude also was a bit picky at first and we tried two or three different types of bottles before we found the kind that he liked.

    The Dude HATES to be swaddled!!! I got about 6 receiving blankets and NEVER used them. I have only about three blankets that I use regularly.

    When I first gave birth I got like 30 bibs. They were pretty useless when he was first born. By the time I need them, the did not fit his big ol’ neck. Now they just take up space in the closet.

    Things to get:
    1st Aid Kit with a nose aspirator and a thermometer
    Sleeping Sack
    Good Diaper Bag (they don’t have crap here in Germany; get it in the US)
    Clothes in the 3 to 6 month range (they grow so fast)

  7. You all rock. I have adjusted said registries.
    Headbang8: after adding to the list, my dad told me I was obviously my mother’s daughter. I quoted you and he and my step-mom couldn’t stop laughing.

    TQE: That’s very nice, but so unnecessary. I’ll put up a link, but my expat lifelines or uh, friends shouldn’t even bother. save up your duckets for the next meet-up or for a train ticket to my house for dinner.

    Gerda: Noted and noted. these moms rule. we might be in physical closeness, but i’d be lost without you all.

    PHd: Fully noted and registry changed. I do want to BF, and will have only a couple for just-in-case moments.

    Claire: I’m gonna call you this weekend, lady. those sleep sacks are only 20 bucks in the US. I’m investing.

    Tatiana: Nice. Make a pregnant lady cry and cry. You are leaving before I even get back from America at the end of December? Moving away for ever and ever? I’m terribly, terribly heartbroken, you wretch. Moving within 30 days sucks ass.

  8. Oh, I highly recommend a StorkSak diaper bag. You can get them here too, or at least, you can order them from the UK (Storksak.com).

    I’d wait on pacifiers, as they can also cause nipple confusion. Oliver won’t use one at all (although he did take them at the very beginning).

    And I recommend subscribing to Mamasworldwide.com 😉

    Maybe we can have a baby & mama meet up next year!

  9. Maria said: All baby needs is a boob or two, diapers, mama, daddy and maybe a few outfits/blankets to keep warm.

    Correct. And if you find you’re missing anything, you send Sparky out to the store to get it. No problem. It’s a process, you don’t need to have everything at once.

    I know people make a big fuss about nipple confusion, but we did it all – breasts, bottles and pacifiers, and never had a problem.

    And yes!, a few cloth diapers as burping blankets- they’re fantastic and you can wash the hell out of them. You really only need a couple of receving blankets unless your baby is going to be naked all the time.

  10. This makes me laugh because I would have no clue either! Tell you what, if I get to the point (hopefully) where I am ready for a baby shower can I just borrow you’re new and improved registry as my guide?

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