Currently Starring in “What Not to Wear – Airplane Edition”

I always forget how cold it has to be for it to snow. I really love the snow, but I freeze my rosy bum off.

Burr. It’s so pretty. Thanks, Deutschland, for snowing before I leave.

Seriously, things are going far too well right now. Sparky and I are great, Loki is great. Family is great. Everyone is healthy and happy.

I’m not one who can really enjoy the good stuff as I wait for the other shoe to fall.

I’m preparing for my trip to Cali which is just around the corner, like days away. Next week I’ll be there.

The flight has me a bit freaked out. My real family didn’t upgrade my ticket from Peasant to Princess, so I’ll be looking longingly at the blue curtain as the scent of fresh baked cookie wafts towards me. I’m close enough to the blue curtain that I’ll be able to hear the clink clink of real silverware and not plastic sporks that taste like pepper.

And I’ll be awake for the whole flight because with my darling little Loki riding in his first class accommodations, I cannot take my ritual Nyquil. I miss Nyquil.

So I have a clothing question. Can I get away with super thick leggings for the flight if I wear a long enough top that covers my butt?

I only have one pair of pants that fit. Well sort of fit. They’re loose everywhere except for the belly. I unbutton them, but they fall down, even with a bella band. And I hate pulling up my pants all the time when I’m sitting. So I figured I’d wear the leggings under a skirt that I have that is also too tight after about an hour of sitting. Then once on the plane I can remove the skirt, put on a long sweatshirt (cashmere, of course) and snuggle in for the flight. I’d have a decent outfit for the airport and for when I arrive, but for the 12 hours of peasant class, I could be as totally physically comfortable as one can really be when flying “eco”.

I’ll have to get up and go to the bathroom a bunch of times not to mention the walking around. So I will actually be seen. But should I care?

And really, its not like a.) I’m a celebrity who will be pounced on by the paparazzi or b.) anyone on that plane is going to give a rat’s ass. We’re all uncomfortable and pissy back there after 8 hours anyway. I suppose by wearing said leggings I can give someone an object for their vitriol. I could re-frame this situation as a community service.

This is the payback for being such a snot about other people outfits, I suppose. But still. Leggings? I have this belief that if you wore something the first time it came into style, you should by no means wear it when it comes back into fashion. Leggings, my friend, I abused you in my youth. Dare I again wear you in public?


5 thoughts on “Currently Starring in “What Not to Wear – Airplane Edition”

  1. I’m also a peasant class flier and so long as you don’t try to talk to me if you sit next to me, I don’t care what you wear. I say be comfy.
    And the leggings, yep Im having a hard convincing myself that this is good fashion that’s back (yet sadly find myself contemplating buying a pair). Remember day-glo colored socks and wearing a different color on each foot? Yeah, the 80’s were great!

  2. yes. you can. comfy is everything. i understand not wanting to look like you just got out of bed when you walk around the airport but seriously: nobody cares a couple hours into the flight. if all, people will be jealous because your leggings look so comfy. whenever i made fun of people in sweatsuits on the plane (you know, the ones with “juicy” on the ass) i was really just jealous because they had the body to still look better than me in my jeans AND be comfy. even if you won’t feel 100% comfortable when you get up and walk around, it’s worth the 9+ hours of being fairly comfortable the rest of the time…

    PS: you home now? busy? cause i’m home, too. phone-date? 🙂

  3. I am a male. I shall never understand things like this.

    Even the most gorgeous women (such as yourself) spend so much time, intelligence, and writing skill, on matters of appearance. When, after all, it’s only a matter of appearance.

    The way I see it, if I’m poorly dressed, unfashionable, or just plain butt-ugly, it’s somebody else’s problem. Fuck ’em. I’m the guy in 36F, unshaven, in the boardshorts, picking my nose. If the stewardess catches some morning wood as she wakes me up to land, tough shit.

    When I fly steerage, I become a militant consumer.

  4. Here’s what you do– wear the leggins and make sure you have a mommy-to-be book out for everyone to see at all times. No one will dare say anything to or about you. LOL! 🙂

    Seriously, comfort is key. Do it!

  5. I’m with Maria. And I’m sure you can pull off looking chic in leggings.
    After all, anyone who could look that good naked is the sort who can look good in ANY sort of clothes–all it takes is attitude. Which you have in spades.

    (And I am NOT letting the Man ever see those pictures of you–you’re his kind of dream girl :} )

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