Let me eat cake

I took a nap today and I dreamed of cake.  All sorts of cakes.  Lemon cake with little moist lemon pieces, carrot cake with moist carrot pieces, chocolate cake, white cake, plain cakes and fancy cakes.  And there were cupcakes too with all sorts of colorful frosting tops.  For some reason I could never get any bites to my mouth.  They all kept falling off my fork or out of my hands.  I could almost taste the butter cream frosting of an American cupcake, but then oops, it was on the floor.

I have no idea of the meaning, but when I get home, after the burrito, the Round Table chicken garlic pizza, and the gyoza, I’m getting cake.


7 thoughts on “Let me eat cake

  1. Hey you! Aren’t you leaving soon? Feel free to call even when in the U.S. We leave on Dec. 18th. Have a safe trip!

    PS Regarding the leggings: I would wear them. I wore thrombosis stockings during my pregnancy trip. They were really comfortable.

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