How I know I’m in California

  • 90% of the women have the same Coach handbag.
  • Eves-dropping in a Starbucks, two women were discussing the need for a chocolate fountain at a holiday party.
  • Round Table Pizza
  • Traffic
  • A TV show called “I Need This!”
  • I’m laughing.  A lot.
  • I have no interest in blogs or computers in general.

I made it here the day before Thanksgiving and surprised my family.  They were surprised all right. My dad wanted to know if Jeff’s roommate was still coming to dinner and my sister claimed that had her back not gone out, she would have been pissed that I didn’t inform her so her plans could have been adjusted.

I’ve shopped only a bit, eaten A LOT and lost a couple of pounds, yet Loki is getting big enough that I’ve had to buy actual maternity clothes.  And if the kid doesn’t stop kicking me in the cervix, I’m going to stand on my head to turn him around.

Christmas is coming and all my shopping is completed.  I’m so low key this year (not to be confused with Loki).  I’ve gone all frugal with this kid coming.  Not only that but I’m so nice and mellow I’m wigging my brother out.  Jeff does everything he can to get my goat.  Too bad for him because it ain’t happening.  He’s pulled out all the stops, but nothing but goodwill comes out of my mouth. Whatever these hormones are, they are good.  I’ve never been so happy… ever.  No peaks and valleys, just all over happy all the time. I need my doctor to test my levels so we can adjust to these after the kid is born because as good as they are, I’m not staying pregnant forever.

I might be a bit boring I’m so happy.

Family drama abounds, but somehow, these happy hormones are giving me perspective and pulling me out of the fray.  Again, BOR-RING.

Sparky joins me next week.   If only he could bring our cats, it would be perfect.

Hope all is well with all of you and will be back shortly, but really right now there is too much garlic pizza to eat and too many laughs to breath correctly, let alone write.

See you soon.


8 thoughts on “How I know I’m in California

  1. I’m glad you are having a blast. Oh, and that’s why I no longer shop at Coach. Everyone and their teenage daughter has a coach bag! Eat some pizza for me. 🙂

  2. I am so very happy to hear that you are having a good time! Enjoy!

    PS Yeah, they keep jumping on the cervix for a while.

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