Too tired to think of a good MIL joke, let alone a witty title.

So yeah, I’ve been back for a while now.  Eight days to be exact.  Eight long days and even longer nights because I can’t sleep to save my life.  I finally crashed yesterday at 10 am after getting roughly 4 hours of sleep for the last week. Even Sparky had to agree that I looked awful with red lined eyeballs and black, not just dark, but black circles under my eyes.  I think he even made some reference that all I needed was a ragged cat ready to throw to complete the look.

In general, I’m doing very well.  I’m still on that “happy” thing when I’m not so exhausted.   That is getting quite boring, but I just can’t muster up enough venom these days to get really riled.

And 2009 is bringing some heavy duty changes.  I suppose I’m preparing mentally right now as well.  Taking the big change cake, I have left Loki off the list because, well, being pregnant, all I do is think of him, all the time.  It didn’t seem fair to add him.

The first noticeable difference of 2009 is that I am no longer blond. Over the holiday, I made my yearly pilgrimage to John and he did a beautiful job of matching the blond to the 3 inches of dark roots in a low-light fest. So now and for the foreseeable future, I am living life as a brunette.

Second big change of 2009 – My dear, dear friend Tatiana and her family have left Krautland for good. It was difficult to say goodbye, but I have a feeling it’ll get harder in a few weeks when I just want a cup of her coffee and an ear and all I have is the coffee maker she dropped off to me before she left.   Speaking to expats, it’s hard making friends out here, even harder finding those friend with whom you have that total connection.  Germany will be a very different experience for me here on out.

Then there is the massive amounts of construction that is due to start soon.  Our floors are to be sanded and sealed.  We have Loki’s room to build out, paint and furnish.  All which require our entire household to be shifted at one point or another.

Anyone want to come and hang out with me and move loads of books and furniture and other crap?  As I’m 6.5 months along, I will need help and I’ll probably end up calling Sparky’s mother.

Yes.  That’s what I said.

It is no doubt what I need to find my unhappy place.  I recently found out that dear anal-retentive Sparky was “clean” by 1 year.  “Clean” being her word, not mine, for potty trained.  I can already feel the blood rising to my face once she finds out I’m from a very different school of thought and tries to “help” me with my sweet little Loki.

Well, the tiredness is hitting again and my brain isn’t working quite right.  I think I’ll go watch Gilmore Girls and try for a little nap.  See, I must be tired.  I’m not even going off about MIL issues.


5 thoughts on “Too tired to think of a good MIL joke, let alone a witty title.

  1. Glad to read you’re back Jen. Winds of change seem to be blowing all over the place, let’s hope that when the dust settles 2009 turns out to be a good one.

    “Clean” at 1 year sounds a bit scary. My MIL likes to mention how birthing her two kids took less than 10 minutes each and was not as uncomfortable as constipation. Nice.

  2. So glad you are back! We have had the same insomnia problems. A Baby with jet lag has not helped.

    Matthias suggests that I go down for a visit minus husband and baby to help a bit. What do you think?

  3. happy 2009 and a big, fat smooch!

    we’re back in good old germany, too. well at least physically. got in yesterday afternoon and not too happy about it. but what can you do? one has to make a living and unfortunately C won’t sell an organ or rob a bank so we can travel some more for the next twelve months… i’m already back at work and can’t wait for the weekend to finally sleep.

    you know you can always stop here for a coffee. any time. xoxoxo

  4. You are welcome for a coffee or a good old English(Scottish) cuppa anytime. Have a childfree weekend next weekend if you need some help. Am not that far away.
    Tatiana is really going to be missed around here.

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