8 thoughts on “Loki

  1. Kim: He is big. We have ultrasounds from when he was just a little blasto at 3 weeks to a little bean to a 26 week-14-inch-2-pounder.

    The part that freaks me out now is how i can see him kick or move his hands from the outside. A little too “Enemy Mine”.

    Andrea – My dad was amazed by these. We did a session in California and have the whole thing on DVD. He was kicking and waving and shaking his little butt. It was awesome.

    Headbang8 – He really does look like Sparky and I’m thrilled. I really wanted him to have Sparky’s hero chin. And really, it’s only fair because the kid seems to have more of my personality to this point, he ought to have some of his dad. And now we know who is father is. Phew. I was sweating that one out. 😉

  2. He TOTALLY looks like Sparky! What a sweet little face Fantastic that they can get so much detail these days. My kids just looked like shadowy blobs on the screen but they turned out OK. 🙂

  3. Oh.My.God. You can really see him!
    I’m with Christina–both of mine were on screen blobs–though you could see SC’s hand in front of her face. Even then, she was trying to sleep in :}

    He’s going to be gorgeous, Jen!

  4. He’s already adorable!! I SOOO wanted to get to your shower, but no such luck… and then everything changed and I can’t do ANYTHING or go ANYWHERE, which totally sucks!

    Can’t wait till Loki’s here!


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