People Who Deserve It

Dude, I love this site.  I’m sure it’s been around the neighborhood before, but I just discovered it.

People Who Deserve It

It warms my heart that there are others like me who just want to punch people in the face.

I also love the word Douche Bag.  It aptly describes one type of guy because really, women can’t be douche bags.  It’s not like bitch or dick or asswipe.  Other words can have so many meanings and definitions.  When some says “That guy was a total Douche Bag”, a very clear picture comes to mind.

He might not have been wearing a pink polo shirt, but he owns one.  His hair is way over-gelled.  He over-colognes with some fragrance some girl told him smelled nice in college.  And he never, ever matures.  He just turns into a an older version of the same guy with the same stories of that one night he did 10 Jager shots and was so hammered he barely remembers the best blow job of his life by that really hot blond chick with fake tits.

You know who I’m talking about.  Sadly, California is full of them.  Happily, I mock them all.


3 thoughts on “People Who Deserve It

  1. remember that friends episode where monica finally gets the chance to go out on a date with her high school crush – chuck? 100% douche bag 🙂

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