He has a problem with flannel

Before I move on, I just want to say a big thank you.  You guys really know how to pull a girl off the ledge.  I want to invite all of you over for a lunch, dinner, cocktail.  I don’t know exactly how to show my appreciation, just know it’s there.  I’d don’t know what I’d do without you all helping me out.  Again, thank you.

Now, on to a less boring subject than babies and birth and insomnia.

My family, specifically my brother.

My brother and I have an agreement for Christmas.  We tell the other one what we want and we get it.

This year he asked me for more sheets and another duvet cover.  This is is how the conversation went:

“Sheets?  Are you sure?  That’s so boring and I just got you those red ones last year.”

“Yeah. I know. I count on you to get me the boring stuff I won’t get myself.   I also need a duvet that coordinates with the sheets I have.”

“Fine. Fine.  I just got these great flannel sheets.  Can I get you flannel?”

“NO!  NO flannel.  I had a bad experience with flannel one summer.”

He was so vehement.  His face so serious when he delivered that last line.  I could actually see the fear streak through his eyes.  It was like he had been water-boarded with flannel or something.  I just started laughing.  I couldn’t help it.  He’s such a guy’s guy.  And other than his irrational fear of ducks, heights and flying, he’s pretty macho.  Apparently, we can now add flannel to that list.

When Jeff first moved out on his own some ten years ago, he bought his first set of sheets.  They were remarkably low priced and on sale. Being a 21-year-old guy, he bought the cheapest set he could find. These were very inexpensive from a monetary perspective – probably because it was June and they were indeed flannel.

His apartment didn’t have AC, was on the top floor and very inland – the temps reach well into the 100’s.

He’d lie awake at night, sweating, not understanding how he could be so hot. There was never a cool side to his pillow.  What he saved in money, he paid with butt sweat.

I’m not sure who clued him into the flannel issue, but eventually he learned. And it seems to have made an impression.

So I got him these babies instead.  He acted all tough at first, but I could see he was secretly delighted.

My gun toting, whiskey drinking, flannel phobic brother is now the proud owner of Star Wars sheets and a very grown-up navy blue duvet.

*As an aside, I got the most fantastic set of periwinkle blue fluffy flannel that cuddles me as if I were in a cloud.  Sparky, having spent way too much time with Jeff over the holidays, has decided he doesn’t like flannel either.  I need to keep those two separated when we are back in the States.  Sparky picks up all sorts of bad habits.

Massana Clan baby Shower

This is my Dad, Step-Mom Karen and Jeff at my baby shower.


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