Striped Knee Socks

Today has been particularly satisfying.  Partly due to a full night sleep – the first in oh, about 24 days.

Today’s relief started with yesterday’s misery.  A rush of hormones had me weeping all day.  Weeping for no reason.  My eyes did not dry all day and the worst part was that I wasn’t particularly sad.  (Well, there was the court scene from Reign Over Me that had me sobbing for a good 30 minutes, but other than that…) I just could not stop the tears and THAT made me sad.  See a problem here?  Yeah.  Well, all that misery tired me out.

  • I got about 7 hours of sleep last night.  My sleep buddy, Olli, stayed close, following me to the bathroom and following me back to bed each time.  He snuggled close enough all night to warm my nose and only required my pillow and an occasional nose rub as payment for this night-time loyalty.  Oddly, it helped me sleep.  Score another one in my personal co-sleeping experiment. (I’m testing them all out personally.)
  • I’m wearing stripped knee high socks.  I really like knee highs and stripes are my favorite.  This particular pair are gray, pink and black.  Sparky got me these for Christmas.  It’s nice when your husband knows your particular taste in socks.
  • No More Pants! decree.  My maternity pants keep slipping down. I’ve tried pulling them up high enough to tuck into my real purty maternity bra and while this works for a little bit, actual movement tends to ruin this effect. My pre-pregnancy sweats and yoga pants need to be rolled down below my belly and while this keeps my legs warm, I’m not real comfortable.  Neither option makes me very happy so I’ve decided not to wear pants anymore.  Problem solved.
  • Sparky brought me a cherry almond muffin.
  • Sleep provided enough energy to clear out a few more shelves prepping for the construction project.
  • Sparky isn’t going to workout, but rather spend the time with moi.  This makes me very happy as he’s been working a lot lately and I’ve missed him.

So yeah, not a bad day so far.  I have two episodes of Bones to watch tonight and as long as I don’t nap, I think I might be able to get another full night of zzzz’s.

May I suggest, if you’re not having a good day, try the knee high socks/no pants combo.

(Edit: Uh, tiny problem with the No More Pants! decree – When a neighbor unexpectedly drops by, one might have to scurry to find pants before opening the door.)


7 thoughts on “Striped Knee Socks

  1. hey there,
    so glad to see it’s a good day 🙂 we’re going to be doing some shopping in the states and socks are on my list. my shins are always cold this winter. cold enough to make me wish i had flashdance legwarmers. knee-highs sound like a great compromise.

    what’s reign over me? (oooooh so out of touch)

  2. Where did you find these episodes of Bones… I am currently searching and while I have found one… and it has fully buffered… it keeps acting like it hasn’t and pissing me off… I might just have to get them on iTunes and I just don’t want to do that… sheeeshh…. well that is all… Glad you got a good nights sleep!

  3. Try leggings of some sort. I know I’m not a fashionista (to say the least), but I used to wear them layered under maternity dresses, and it was comfortable and warm. Beats pantyhose which I will not wear unless it’s a very, very major occasion!

    Love the striped socks. I used to have all kinds of cool knee highs but I’ve found it harder to find them in recent years, even for the girls!

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