A Meme – 4th Photo

So Carol, my dear friend who, if I won the Lotto I would fly over via private jet and wheel chair to have her at the birth of dear little Loki, is feeling rather bummed what with her ankle and all, tagged me for a photo meme which is fabulous because I have nothing non-baby, mid-wife, or construction terror to talk about these days unless it’s about odd episodes of The Closer.

Here’s the photo from the folder labeled Dad’s book.  I’m about eight years old and my mother conceived and manufactured  matching Halloween costumes for Jeff and I – Rabbits.

Jeff was a cute little rabbit.  I was a cute pregnant rabbit complete with a pillow bunny bump.  My mother  might have had one or two glasses of wine while coming up with that idea.


The rest of this story is that when I wore it school for our annual Halloween celebration, I got sent to the Principal’s office with an inappropriate costume.  My teacher, room mothers and then my principal didn’t find the humor in the whole pregnant rabbit idea. Something about age-appropriate costumes. I had no concept of how a pregnant bunny was inappropriate, I still kind of don’t.

However, being who I have always been, I put my nose up and said that my mother made my costume and I was not going to change it unless my mother told me to.  After spending 2 hours in the office while they discussed the fate of the belly I lost the belly and became a sleepy rabbit, carrying the pillow around for the rest of the day.


3 thoughts on “A Meme – 4th Photo

  1. For pity’s sake. I’m sure they had pregnant people, like, on TV, even.

    How is it that you are not permanently scarred by that little scrape?

  2. I thought this was one of the more creative (or creativity-inducing?) memes out there. Glad you had fun with it!

    Man, I would soooo love to be there for Loki’s birth!


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