The Force is strong with this one

Things are going smoothly around here these days.  Construction still hasn’t started and Loki’s room is still just a glimmer in my eye, but the new start date is only 2 weeks away. I’m anticipating door jam delivery problems and electrician issues.  I figure I’ll be giving birth while the drywall guy is taping plates, but I’m letting go because as my doctor says, when it comes to babies and such, one must give up control.

Yeah, right.  Give up control?  Let things go?   Hahaha.  Yeah, I read Richard Bach and the New Thought patrol when I was 16.  I got over it.  I think there are exactly two people on earth who have witnessed me giving up my need to control situations that involve me, my body or a great deal of money and one of them was an anesthesiologist who lectured me to relax as he pumped up the meds when I did actually count to ten.  I sleep with one eye open.  Baby in the belly ain’t gonna change what years of therapy could not.  Seriously, I’d rather beat my head against the wall over and over again.  It makes me feel better.

I’m officially 10 weeks from my due date.  No, Dad, it’s not going to change.  Loki’s conception date is a pretty much a known factor. The due date is too.  Only Loki can say when in that ambiguous 4 week period he’ll make an appearance, but expect later when his head is at least 20 cm in circumference because really, Go Big or Go Home, right?

True to Loki’s personality, his head is already measuring around 8 cm. Yeah.  For those of you not in in the know, this is HUGE, three weeks ahead of his fellow babies. He’s also close to 4 pounds. And I don’t have Gestational Diabetes.  He’s just a big kid.  This was discovered right after Dr. G talked me off the mid-wife/OB/hospital ledge. Funny timing as she was trying to convince me that once I go through childbirth, without pain medication, I will have something to be be proud of.  I’m already guilty enough of that sin, thanks.  I think I can skip the whole childbirth part.

Really, Loki, I want you to be happy and healthy, but can you perhaps slow down on that head growth thing.  Seriously.  I promise not to be the least bit irritated anymore when you wake me up at 4 am with your version of moon walking and I’ll even throw in more left side sleeping regardless of how my hip hurts. Just slow down the noggin size, duder scooter.  You’re scaring Mama.

I just realized that my iPod has been playing the same Texas song for the last 40 minutes.  I did not do this on purpose.  I just lost my cup of coffee for about the same period of time only to find it hiding on my desk about 2 inches from my left hand. I walked through the house, forgetting several times why, in search of said coffee.    The cat just snatched the last bit of egg from my plate, the sneaky rat bastard and his slow relaxed reach with wicked quick snatching powers.

I’m going to go make the bed and call it a day.  Such is the life of a potted plant.


4 thoughts on “The Force is strong with this one

  1. They measure incorrectly in the womb all the time. The doc kept saying The Boy was going to be big, and he was perfectly … AVERAGE! 😉

  2. Gosh, I think you should do as you wish and screw anyone else’s ideas. I had a babe with epidural and one without and I assure there was no “pride” associated with one over the other. What a load of hooey.

  3. If the room’s not ready, Loki’s not really going to care. After all, it took my younger one YEARS to start complaining about her dad using her bedroom as a storeroom for all his book boxes and other crap–and she is fairly bright 😀

    And weren’t you thinking about co-sleeping? If you’ve got a bassinette or some such to put him in when you’re not co-sleeping, a place to change him and somewhere to keep his clothes, you’re in business.

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