Wait for it, wait for it…

Sparky: The Electrician just called.  He’s sick and can’t come today.
Jen: Really? Surprise!
Sparky: I know, but they’ve already got points with me.  They called to let us know.

You know, Germany has made me a better person lowered my expectations and thus freed my mind from the ire I would normally feel.   Thanks Krautland, for making me a better person.

And really, I am very happy with this professionalism.  Most of the time we make appointments, rearrange schedules and wait all day for someone not to show up.  Even the housekeeper we had would fail to show up.  No call, no notice, just nothing.

Last week I waited all day for the floor guy.  When he didn’t show up, we called.  Oh, he was in our building, but he just didn’t think we were home.

He didn’t knock.  He didn’t ring.  He just didn’t think we were home.  Now, if only I hadn’t been home, I could claim to have a psychic floor guy.  How cool would that be?  I wouldn’t even need to explain 4 thousand times what I wanted, he’d just know. I wonder if he can guess what I’m thinking right now?

So, testing my psychic abilities, I predict he’ll show up today, BUT won’t be able to do the work until April 29th.


6 thoughts on “Wait for it, wait for it…

  1. Try this game with one of your German friends. Look them in the eye and say “I bet I’ll have the last word in this conversation”

  2. Ha ha! Really, we should get t-shirts with “We will be arriving in Germany shortly. Please lower your expectations”. I’m glad he did eventually show up, though.

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