Fluffy Love is a Family Necessity

You know what?  I’ve crossed that line where as much as I love Loki and this pregnancy was not only desired but actively sought after, I’m uncomfortable enough to be a cranky pants.  And a tired cranky pants at that.

Construction went as planned:  The electrician did not show up, ever.  He went on vacation and had forgotten about our job.  This turned out not to be the utter disaster it could have been because Sparky freaked out at the idea of splitting the room just as the hammer was raised to nail beams into the floor.  We don’t have two rooms as planned, we have one, just like before only now with a door.  Sparky’s desk will share space with Loki’s room and as bad of an idea as I think it is, they’ll deal with it.

I cleared the entire room, floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall to add a door.  Now I have to put it all back after I hose it down to remove all the dust and grime. Then I have to figure out wall color, furniture placement and all that jazz because my fingers are itching to get Loki’s stuff done.  Literally itching.

I have no other mental energy.  So this week will be pictures.

Today I will bore you with cats.  My family loves these little fuzz butts for some odd reason.  Well, all of us but Miranda.  She’s more of a dog/bird person.

This is my Dad on Superbowl Sunday with his favorites. The big cat is Sawyer, the white Siamese is Zoe and the other Siamese is Teddy.  Jeff and I take places 4 and 5 in my Dad’s Hierarchy of Love.  I have 4th place right now because of Loki, but as soon as the kid makes his appearance, I’ll be back into last place.  I’ve had enough therapy to be okay with this.


These are my two boys, Butt Licker and Butt Muncher.  Please note that they are sitting on my freshly laundered cashmere sweatshirt.  It’s still damp and drying, but the boys decided it was a really good place to hang out this morning. Do not be fooled by the delicately crossed paws.  He is a devil cat with a penchant for snuggles.  Evil, I tell you.  Evil!  This is after I was woken up with whiskers and cold noses looking for kibble at 6 am.  I don’t know why they haven’t been made into soup yet, but soon.  Very soon. ( Notice the contents of the red room in the background. Our house is a freakin’ sty.)


And these beauties are my brother’s cats, Teya and Kaden.  Kaden, the white one, is the most laid back surfer dude of a cat I’ve ever met.  Teya, the black sucker fish face, is the sweetest little girl.  We almost cat-napped her back to Krautland, but I actually thought it through and figured four cats, one baby and two adults was simply too many heartbeats of our size of dwelling.

Teya and Kaden

So yeah, I promise no more cat photos this week.


8 thoughts on “Fluffy Love is a Family Necessity

  1. man, it’s coming up, isn’t it? wow. how many weeks? like eight or so? i’m excited. i also hope you will get everything done in time (i’m sure you will!) and i have to say i’m not too surprised about the “change of plans” loki-room-wise 😉 i’m sorry you’re cranky – watch the SNL christmas special, that’ll help 🙂 xoxo

  2. He did what!! How long do you think it will take before he realizes that separate rooms would have been the better idea?

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