Red Headed Babies

I had a weird dream last night and it included a lot of you.  First there was Vailian who had sent me a letter to give to his daughter in case something happened to him and there was some sort of vague threat that had me very worried.  Then Carol and Elisabeth showed up to sit and chit chat.  Then Kim.  And Kim and I were smoking even though I was still pregnant and I was flipping out because I knew I should not be smoking, but I seemed so addicted, I couldn’t stop.  Then Sparky got really mad at me because he liked the way I smelled before I smoked and was disappointed that he couldn’t sniff my neck anymore.

Out of all the things I no longer do, smoking is the not on my top ten things to add back into my life.  A glass of wine, yes.  A party where I can drink and flirt, yes.  Being able to turnover in bed without needing a crane, without a doubt, but smoking is the last thing I want to pick up again.

I woke up feeling a little like Dorothy.  And you were there. And you.  And you…

Anyway, here are today’s pictures.  Miranda and Jeff.  As babies.  Now, they have different dads, Mim being a second marriage baby.  All parents have brown hair.  How Jeff and Mim ended up as fire cats no one knows. I’d love a redheaded baby.  I think Sparky would be very surprised if that happened, but I’d be delighted.

I told Jeff this and he got really mad at me.  He told me it was a horrible thing to wish upon a kid because he can’t even say the word “Sun” without a gallon of sunscreen.

But they do make really cute babies, don’t you think?

This is Jeff, the last time he used a tool.  He’s cute, even today.

jeffy_the last time he used a tool

And here is Miss Miranda.  She was so cute and smelled so good all you wanted to do was eat her up.



7 thoughts on “Red Headed Babies

  1. so when you think of me you think of smoking? and smelly necks? is it because i smoked on your deck? i don’t like the smell either and i understand sparky for getting mad though… i promise i will stop. one of these… you know, years… also, i hear one small (or half) glass of wine every once in a while is okay while you’re pregnant. but that could just be wishful thinking or a myth so… xoxoxo

  2. Kim: No, no, no… I have no idea why I dreamed of smoking with you, probably because you’re one of the last of my friends who smokes. Tat still smokes, but as she resides in Georgia now, you’re it, lady.
    but that has nothing to do with the scent of my neck. That part probably came from a conversation I had with Sparky last night regarding why I smell like cinnamon and vanilla – could be my shower gel?? You know, Cinnamon Buns? Or the vast number of sweets I’ve been eating. I think i might have blamed Gummi bears.

    I’ve been told the same thing about a glass of wine. God knows my mother took advantage of that with my sister and she’s the brightest of us all, but I’m paranoid. I figure if I have a glass of wine and Loki has ANYTHING wrong, I’ll blame that one glass, sip of wine for the rest of my life. I freak out if I miss my prenatal vitamin one day.

  3. Your dream was hilarious! I remember I had a ton of strange dreams just before Baby Bird was born. 🙂

    As far as red headed children go, it isn’t that unlikely you might have one. Neither of my parents or grandparents had red hair! I think my great-grandpa did but the red head gene works in funny ways…Maybe that is what is wrong with me! 🙂

  4. Does Sparky have any redheads in his family’s past? Red hair is recessive, and if he does Loki might have a shot at it.

    My grandma and uncle were redheads and I was strawberry blond as a baby. Even now I’ve got a lot of red tones in my brown hair, but sadly, the greys are beginning to compete with them 😦

    My daughters have my hair and in some lights you can see the reddish cast. But with that Filipino blood on the Man’s side, I doubt if we’ll get any redheads in the next generation 😀

  5. We prefer the term “fire crotch” or “ginger”. It is tough growing up having to put on sunblock for every 100w bulb. But damnit I was adorable. Love you sis

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