One of these days, Olli, to the Moon!

Scrunch and OlliSee those cats?  They’re tired.  See those toys?  That’s why. I found all those toys behind our living room TV furniture.  I also found two MAC eye shadows, body shop lip butter and an egg.

An Egg. A real bock-bock chicken egg.

It took me about 2 minutes to figure it out. A few months ago I had three eggs on the counter, hard-boiled, waiting for egg salad.  At some point three turned into two.  I figured Sparky had eaten it.  He figured I’d used it.  I got mad he used my egg. We even commented to each other about it.

What we should have realized is that Olli’s sense of “Something new has been placed on a counter top when I was not looking” kicked in and he took it.  Olli’s superpower is knowing when something new has been placed on any surface in the house. He’ll sniff it our within seconds to attempt and show it whose boss.

I have no doubt in my mind it was HIM.  He played with it, cracked it open and then he lost it behind the TV furniture.

This damn cat is the cuddliest, snuggliest, most loving rat bastard I have ever known in feline form.  His little Orphan Annie button eyes completely belie his deviousness.  He insists on nose kisses and face rubs then he steals eggs to be found later.

Olli and the Egg

This egg stinks.  I have no idea why we didn’t find it sooner.  It could have been there for ages.

His punishment was swiftly dealt.  I made him stand in for Loki this morning as I practiced with the baby sling/wrap/15-feet-of cloth-thing.  He’s not thrilled with the laying position, but his claws really like the grip when we’re chest to chest.

I might need some band-aids.


4 thoughts on “One of these days, Olli, to the Moon!

  1. Nice egg and everything… but what I really need to comment on are those gorgeous WINDOWS!! Beautiful! Can you post a photo of them from the outside, too?


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