I know I will have to pay for this soon, but I’m going to try and enjoy it while I can

Tomorrow I’ll wake up with bad hair, four pounds of water weight and the biggest zip known to modern man. I know this, but since I’m going to have to pay for this day anyway, I’m sure as hell going to enjoy while I can.

I woke up almost refreshed to a vocal cat and a very affectionate Sparky. I found a cute outfit that is oddly flattering.  My hair looks great even thought I went to bed with it wet. My face doesn’t even look so pregnant puffy.  My cheek bones are almost visible.  I finally look more pregnant than fat.  My favorite socks were clean and the much smaller maternity jeans are too big everywhere but my tummy, yet don’t fall down.  I had a terrific breakfast burrito and delish pink grapefruit juice.

I’ve been depressed lately at how fat I feel, looking down and being unable to see the difference between morbid obesity and pregnancy.  Having lost so much weight only to gain girth really fucks with a girl’s head.  But today, for some reason, everything worked.  It was like overnight, my fairy godmother came down and gave me perfect hair, narrow hips and a perfect complexion. I even have a waistline. That part is really is a function of  a uh, porn-sized boobs, but I’ll take what I can get.

In this last trimester I’m losing weight rather than gaining. I have yet to experience any sort of water retention.  My ankle bones are still highly visible.  Other than a compromised immune system keeping me house bound, my body seems to really dig this pregnancy thing.  It could be that I finally have hormones and all the systems are finally balanced.   Even my blood pressure is lower than pre-pregnancy.  If only I could breath easier, but that is just a function of two feet sitting in what used to be the space dedicated to my lungs.

I’m not complaining, mind you, it’s just odd. I’m getting smaller everywhere but my tummy and my boobs.  I’m not dieting, I’m just losing. I’m hoping this latest weight development will help me fit into my Calvins soon after the delivery. Technically, at this point, I’ll weigh less after the birth than I did pre-pregnancy. Loki is gaining weight and getting bigger. I’m told as far as they can tell from the current perspective, he’s as healthy as can be.  And judging from his activity level, I tend to believe them. Dude, the kid is fit as a fiddle.

We have the Parents Night at the hospital tonight.  I’m sure I’ll pick up a cold from some mom there with kiddos in a kindergarten.  And the visuals of actual birth will have me reeling along with phrases like “Ring of Fire” or terms like “crowning”.

Well, again, I know I’ll pay for this goodness tomorrow, but until then I’m just going to enjoy the day.


6 thoughts on “I know I will have to pay for this soon, but I’m going to try and enjoy it while I can

  1. Enjoy the day. Everyday you get feeling good when pregnant – cherish it! So long as your losing the normal weight and not the baby weight that is a very cool side effect of pregnancy, no?

    I hope all goes well tonight!

  2. have fun and enjoy the day. also, i’m sure i feel worse than you do most days. unfortunately no baby popping out of me any time soon taking xx lbs with him… i’m so excited for you. not much longer now 🙂

  3. I hope you can stomach parents’ night at the hospital better than I could 🙂 I was so shocked by some of the things I learned there that I couldn’t sleep that night and had to call in sick at work the next day!!

  4. Andrea is right – cherish today! You are beautiful and deserve every minute of it.
    As the birth approached I wanted to be like a toothpaste tube and just have it all – the baby, the excess weight, and all the flab – squeezed out of me.
    I’m sure you are glowing with big buddha-bellied bliss. Good luck tonight.

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