And then Curcuma became Tibet

Loki’s room has finally been painted.  They are finishing up right now.

Sparky and I could not decide on exactly what color cream we liked.  Eight 1.5 litre samples later, we decided on a sea foam blue.  It’s called Tibet.  Go figure.  Anyone want eight -1.5 litre buckets of different shades of off white? Our painter man finally got tired of delivering these 10 euro samples and sent us to his paint man.  We walked in, picked out the color, ordered it in a 12 litre bucket and walked away.  I saw it for the first time on the wall last night after the entire room was finished.  We didn’t try it out, we just went with it after three months of back and forth.  And it works.  Again, whoda thunk?

RedRum gone Tibet

In other news, Loki needs to stay where he is today.  Today is my mother’s birthday.  I found out I was pregnant on the day her mother died and I really don’t want to deal with the superstitious fallout. My grandmother’s name was Rosemary and you can imagine how my siblings would react.

Loki also needs to avoid these dates:  April 20th – Hitler’s birthday and May 1st – Mother Mutti’s birthday.

Otherwise, I’ve been told jumping off kitchen chairs is a really good way to jump start labor.

Painting Update:  They got the wrong color for the hallway last time.  After painting half of the hall Sand, they realized it was supposed to be Pebble.

In honor of my mother, I’ll leave a bit of her advice:

Never fuck up your kids or your credit.

I’ve got the credit part down, Mom.  I’ll work hard on the kid.


11 thoughts on “And then Curcuma became Tibet

  1. The color looks great. Everything’s looks almost ready. Just have to get that kid out on the correct date. So no jumping off chairs early alright? Actually no jumping of chairs period. Loki probably likes the stirred not shaken method.

  2. You’ll love this– SEX. Lots of sex! My midwife told me to go home, drink a glass of wine and have sex. OK. It didn’t work. Still. It was fun! 😉

  3. Adam: Today is the day everything in the house falls into place. Sparky moved boxes of books last night and today I’m putting them all away. he can show up now!

    Andrea: Yeah, i was told to stay off of chairs. I’m using Maria and Geoff’s advice now.

    J: Not me. Seriously, we spent a fortune on different colors of cream. I figure Sparky and I could do some faux Rothko’s with the different shades, but it would just look lame.

    Geoff: I’m trying the spice.

    Maria: We are using this method as if it is going out of style because it will be at least for the next few months. Doesn’t seem to be working for the “intended” purpose, but man oh man, I’m getting it while I can.

  4. love. the room. it looks great. and there’s carpet, too. there wasn’t carpet before, was there? it’s clearly been too long… oh and what i’d like to know: where am i supposed to sleep now when i come visit? also, please don’t jump off anything – he’ll come when he’s ready. fingers crossed he got the memo about those dates. may 1st would be kinda sweet though because in germany he’d always be off on his b-day 🙂 hang in there and good luck on everything there is to come! xoxoxo

  5. I really like the color! It is good for a kid’s room but not too childish. And look, baby furniture all put together!! It makes me feel so proud of you guys.

  6. Don’t knock the 20th! My little one was born on 4/20. We don’t get many HItler jokes but people love to tease about 4:20. (weed smoking time or something like that-I don’t get it)

  7. I love your Mom’s advice. It’s a daily struggle not to fuck up your kids… but if you get it right, the payoff’s pretty great.

  8. …and clearly your mother practiced what she preached??? a 4/20 b-day is only a problem in krautland. everywhere else, it’s a blessing. i’m awaiting impending news of the blessed event with baited breath. (can atheists say “blessed?”). MWAH!

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