Yes, Dad. Sparky has used the phrase Fat, Fat the Water Rat

He lived to tell the tale and thus tradition has been carried forward.

When my Dad used that phrase with my mother, she had a less than favorable reaction.  I think she might have thrown something.  I get my terrific aim from her.

This is one of only two pregnancy photos I have allowed.

Water Rat

Yes, I am that pale. I live in Germany, what do you expect?


9 thoughts on “Yes, Dad. Sparky has used the phrase Fat, Fat the Water Rat

  1. jen, seriously. you look beautiful. and you should allow more pictures. just for you. and loki. and sparky. and the family. oh and me 🙂

  2. You are absolutely beautiful. You are not fat. Your are pregnant. I was that big near the end too. I lost it all in the first 6 months months. Of course that was because of postpartum depression and not eating. Not something I recommend.

  3. I heard that expression FROM my mom–though not directed at me 🙂

    You look beautiful, Jen. And later on,you will treasure this picture. Especially when Loki is all tall as you and you’re saying to yourself, “I gave birth to HIM?”

  4. My sister’s so purdy; more picks pleas, i feel like we need a contrast shot of how narrow you are from the front. Pregnancy really works for you. Love you, and give my love to sparks and lokes.

  5. I think you look pretty cute.
    Being preggy is nothing to shame about and weight gaining during pregancy is definatly normal.
    When is your due date?
    (By the way: Do you remember me at all? I´m Holy´s Wife:-)

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