Still A No Show

My Aunt is here.  She made it across the pond unscathed.  I even kept her up until 10:30 pm last night so she’s not so dead today.

Loki on the other hand is still a no show, the damn contrary kid.

I told him this morning, after a particularly active night for him and thus me, if he doesn’t show up in the next day, I’m going to start taking away his toys.  The sock monkey is the first to go.  Then I’m moving on to the Barcelona Monster Auntie Mim bought for him when he was just a wee blastocyst.  Then it’s the Ugly Dolls.  Don’t make me move on to the Ugly Dolls.

My ear has gotten worse and the condition has moved on to my right ear making conversation almost impossible.

I can’t complain because again, this has been a very easy pregnancy after the first trimester.  I can still see all the bones in my hands and feet – no swelling at all and I continue to lose weight. Seriously, how can I complain?   Granted I’m now officially in the fourth trimester, but who’s counting.  I’m uncomfortable all the time and would really like to move on to the next phase.  As would my entire family and friend circle.  We are all bored with the wait.  Aren’t you?

I want to meet this contrary little kid.  We have his name all picked out, but I’m telling you, if doesn’t come soon I’m changing it to Lucius Kain to reflect his personality a bit better than what we originally decided.

Come on, Loks.  The sock monkey is pretty sweet.


9 thoughts on “Still A No Show

  1. Oh, honey. I’d call, but I know that you can’t really talk. Just keep marking the time. During those last weeks, I would get up at 2am and played Yahtzee by myself while watching CNN. 2am is when the Dude did his happy dance.

    You may get that C-section after all.

    Good thoughts to you and SO happy that your Aunt did not get lost in Terminal 5.

  2. First: I really hope he will come to his senses and show up before you move on to the Ugly Dolls. They are georgeous and he should really have the chance to meet them.
    Second:If he won´t, and you have no Idea where you can throw/Hide/put them, I run an Ugly Doll orphanage….. .

  3. He’s trying to show you he thinks HE’s going to be the boss in your house. 😀

    Do they have a plan to induce you if he doesn’t show up by a certain date?

    Here’s hoping he decides to vacate his current apartment–and SOON!

  4. My English friend said that eating spicy Thai food will get you going 🙂 Keep us updated and tell your hips to think “opening” thoughts.

  5. He’s just having too much fun in there. Yeah, they’ll induce you at some point and he’ll HAVE to come out, the little rascal.

    Weirdly enough, my feet started to swell a couple of days AFTER I had my second baby. Disappeared in a few hours but it was a most bizarre feeling.

    Hope the ear gets better soon!!

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