Lady in Waiting

Plagiarized from an e-mail I sent my family because well, I’m saying the same damn thing.Β  A lot.

Had a Dr. appt yesterday. I seem to be progressing little bit by little bit, but Loki seems to be quite content to stay where he is.

His heart is strong and happily beating away and from the ultrasound he is again, perfect. He’s rather long, but the rest of him is quite normal.

I go back in tomorrow so they can monitor and make sure that even though he’s late, he’s fine and I’m fine.

I lost 4 more pounds in the last week and am officially anemic. This weight loss thing is mighty nice.

I had a huge iron shot that gave me energy for, oh, about 2 hours then I crashed again. I have absolutely no energy. None. I need to stop and catch my breath after a few sentences.

Patti is cooking and feeding Sparky and I. It’s nice to have someone else do the cooking. Well, as I haven’t cooked since the pregnancy test came back positive, it’s nice to have a warm meal that didn’t include a tortilla. Sparky didn’t know what to do when she made burgers and he didn’t have to make himself a sandwich. Sparky has lived on cereal and sandwiches for almost a year.

Please keep your fingers crossed that he’s not born tomorrow, but rather the next day if he doesn’t make his appearance in the next 7 hours. And then he’s welcome whenever. He just had to miss the trifecta- Mom’s birthday, Hitler’s birthday and Mutti’s birthday. (This is like one of those Sesame Street exercises – one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong. I’m just not sure which is which. )

Anyway, we’re all prepared over here. It’s just a freakin’ waiting game. It’s like the 25th Hour, but I just don’t know when my time is up. So frustrating.


23 thoughts on “Lady in Waiting

  1. OK Loki… it’s time.
    Auntie Snooker says it’s time to check the world out from the other side.
    Oh, and I’m pretty sure you will spend the rest of your life listening to your Mom bitch about this difficult pregnancy… so you might as well give her hell while you’re at it. πŸ˜‰

  2. oh man. i was so sure he’d be out since you haven’t been here in a few days. well, loki come ON now. your mama’s tired of carrying you around.

  3. I’m checking back every day here. C’mon Loki. You’ll be the center of attention once you’re out too. I promise!

  4. I don’t normally post, but I just wanted to say a big congratulations to you both! Hope you are all doing well. And I love his name! πŸ™‚ All the best.

  5. Cinco De Mayo–hey, he’s showing whose son he is right from the start πŸ˜‰
    And does his name refer to his head size? πŸ˜€
    Well done, Jen!!!!

    And Mazel Tov to both of you!!

  6. Congrats to all three of you, of course the proud parents, but also Maximus who is one lucky little guy to have two such fantastic parental units.

  7. Just wanted to say congratulations, I’ve been lurking waiting for the good news, and wow is there a cooler name than that? You guys did an excellent job picking his name. πŸ˜€ All the best, L

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