Introducing Maximus Massana von Roder

Dude, he is so amazing.  I can’t believe I can love someone so much that it hurts a million times worse than the contractions I suffered (until the epidural) to have him yet I can’t imagine anything in life better.

Quick details:

-Short labor and delivery – around four hours with only two at the hospital before he was unceremoniously ejected.

-Suffering no long term effects, though Heidi probably looks more like Seal right now, she’ll recover.

-The hospital experience was crappy across the board and the next one will be born in the US of A.

-The only reason there might be a second is because of a really wonderful guy who put a needle in my back in between contractions that were less than a minute apart. Next time, the epidural starts three days before delivery, just to be on the safe side.

-I’m so in love.

-I’m so tired.

-I’m happy.

Max-28 hours old


38 thoughts on “Introducing Maximus Massana von Roder

  1. What a strapping young lad already! I wish I could inhale his scent through the computer. Not the scheisse, but the new baby smell. 🙂

  2. What an adorable kiddo… and look at all that hair! Take it easy when/if you can and just know that, as great as life seems now, it gets even better.


  3. He is absolutely beautiful! Welcome to the world little one!!!

    I love his name.

    I am so very happy for you!!!!!!!

  4. Mini Sparky! He is just adorable – look at those beautiful eyes.

    And way to go getting him out so fast – you did a great job.

    And now…..sleeeeeeep. All three of you.

  5. You know that love you have now. . . it grows. Hard to believe, but it gets even better. There will be pot holes in the road, but it is an amazing journey. And yes, I am just a bit jealous that he has more hair than my 15 month old.

  6. YAY! (oh no, i’m crying again; am i pre-menopausal or something? ’cause i seem to cry @ the drop of a hat these days).



  7. He is absolutely perfect! How wonderful! Relax, Enjoy him, and just remember that when you don’t think you can stand a certain part of the routine (getting up at night), or a certain behavior (throwing food against the wall), it all changes and you move onto the next stage. I’m so happy for you both.

  8. You utter bitch–FOUR hours of labor!!!!!!!

    Having done 21 hours plus a c-section for my now ungrateful 14 year old and 36 hours with my almost 10 year old (who still seems to like me) I am green with envy.

    But Jen, he IS absolutely gorgeous.One day I might be willing to introduce him to the most beautiful baby girl born in the States this year, my newest great-niece!
    (I am in love with her and would gladly kidnap her if my niece was willing. She’s not–though she did offer to trade her 3 year old son for SC!)

    Seriously, I am delighted for you both. And if you think how amazing it is to love him that much now, watch what happens as he grows and knows you!

    Happy early Mother’s Day!

  9. Jen, look at those eyes. This guy is deep. He rules.

    I’m so happy for the three of you – congratulations!

  10. Congrats and glad to hear everything seemed to go so well….I knew if we didn’t hear from you for a bit that you had good news for us! CONGRATS!

  11. Jen, I have been checking every day in hopeful anticipation of just such a photo. He is amazing and Maximus suits him! Congratulations and best wishes for a speedy recovery to you and Heidi.

  12. Four hours? Girl, you were born to be a mama. This pic brought on the tears, he’s so beautiful. So happy for you and hubby. Big congratulations.

  13. Congratulations! (especially on the short, trauma free labor) 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your adventures in baby-rearing.

  14. OK, think back, Jen… to a phone conversation we had almost a year ago now (it was on 5/28… and you know why I remember that?!). Remember what you said then? Remember what you were so crazy-worried about?

    That you wouldn’t be a good mommy… that maybe you shouldn’t have kids… that maybe it’s a crazy idea? remember that?

    NOW do you believe me, woman? NOW? Just one tiny day into this adventure, do you now know, beyond a doubt, that you ARE, will be, and had it in you all along to be a phenomenal mommy? I knew then and I know now that you will be the GREATEST mommy EVER!

    By the way, I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful baby in my life. (And if any of my reasonably good-looking kids come here and read the comments, I will disavow any knowledge of the name “Northwest Ladybug.)

    Love and hugs and raspberries on Max,


  15. OMG he is beautiful. well done, guys. congrats again and there might be something on the way down south for mr. gorgeous 😉 xoxoxo

  16. Congratulations Jen and Markus,
    He is a lucky boy to be basking in the rays of the superior wit and wisdom of his Mom and Dad.


  17. Congratultions to you both. He is just so handsome. Enjoy every second, even the ones at three in the morning, as they grow up so fast.

  18. Have you posted your hospital horror story yet? I am really waiting for it because I’m on the verge of demanding to my husband that we not leave Germany until we have whatever kids we may want, based on the cost of doing it in the US. But knowing you’d rather have one in the US…hmm! What happened??

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