Now a word from our sponsor – Guest post by Sparky

By now everyone knows that we have a lovely new family member. Joy, joy, joy 🙂  And the good stuff just doesn’t seem to end:

People who follow me on Twitter know that I played the Lottery Saturday morning. No, I did not win yet… We find out on Wednesday if we won. But just for buying them, I got 3 Rod Stewart tickets for the concert in Wiesbaden and I’d like to give those away to spread the karma. And we can’t go…

Once a year I have this ritual to get 100 “Quicktipps” for 100 EUR – simply to dream about winning the Jackpot, leaving ye olde job behind, and permanently moving to San Francisco ;). Since my little family now consists of 3 people, I bought 3 Quicktipps this time.

The lady at the Kiosk told me that I automatically got 3 „LOTTO MusikDings“ . Which means: On Top of the normal Lottery tickets, I got 3 tickets to the Rod Steward Concert on July 11 in Wiesbaden.

I found out the normal price for these tickets is between 80 and 90 EURO. So therefore, I got my 100 lottery tickets for only 10 bucks! You all know how much I dig price-performance-ratios. I am a kraut after all.

And since I like becoming a millionaire well enough and neither the wifey nor I need 3 Rod Stewart tickets I want to give all three tickets away. Maybe that will be good Karma (ask the guy named Earl 😉 for winning the Jackpot :))).

If you want a ticket, leave a comment. If more than three people want them, we’ll do a drawing.

Baby pictures coming later today.


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