One Week and a Day

Who knew that babies, ie Max, could spit up, poop and pee all at the same time and right after I sponged bathed him this morning? Yes, he was naked and I was at the business end of things.  Not pretty, but pretty funny.

In a nut shell:

Wow, I’m tired.

I can finally put him down for a nap rather than hold him all day.

We call him Sonar Sam when he’s upset.  I have never heard such high pitched wails.  I’m not sure if humans are actually supposed to hear those wails. It’s like he’s calling to his brethren or searching for insects.

Breastfeeding is going well except for the sore factor.

Baby smell is a hypnotic used to keep you loving said infant at 5 in the morning after not sleeping since the night before and only for two hours.

Max is not a blob at all.  His eyes really do hold the wisdom of the ages.

Co-sleeping because, really, is there any other choice.

I have never known fear in my life like I do for this kid.  The whole “Is he breathing?” thing just starts the list.

Cats:  Kiska could care less.  Scrunchy is sad and depressed.  Ollie just wants in on the action.  Very glad we don’t have more cats.  Never thought I’d say that.  Oh and very glad Sparky said no to a puppy.

Going to sleep while I can.  Here is a picture of Max after his first bath. His belly button thing fell off so I finally got to wash him.

Who, me?


9 thoughts on “One Week and a Day

  1. BOY, HE’S CUTE!!! those eyes… and he’s definitely a little sparky 😉

    about the boobie-soreness: some nurses will tell you to put your finger on your boob while breastfeeding so the baby can breathe okay. i heard that you should definitely not do that because that’s why and when you get infected and sore nipples/breasts. you’re supposed to “shove it all in” – if you can, more than just the nipple but also a little bit of the area around it – because that’s how it’ll work best and won’t hurt you as much. no baby has suffocated while nursing so when he can’t breathe, he will stop to take a breath 😉

    also, OMG i just gave breastfeeding advice and i don’t even have a kid myself. i hang out with moms WAYYYY too much…

  2. Way to go Jen! Max is looking absolutely adorable, and I love the “who? me?” picture!

    I hope your midwife brought you the magic breast cream (i.e. lanolin)! The pain will go away. I used to cringe through every latch… now look at me. And The Boy. Almost 29 months later. Still. Nursing. Oh, and I totally did the finger thing so The Boy could breathe, because my breasts became these watermelons… never once had an infection.

    Still co-sleeping too… Hmmm… LOL!

    Breath him in. Before you know it, he’ll be a-movin’ and a-shakin’ and you’ll be running around like crazy all day long!

  3. Man, he’s cute!! Glad to see that lack of sleep has not dulled your wit 🙂 And to all your observations:
    -I know! It’s so hard to let go in the first few days.
    -Made me laugh
    -You should feel a bit “used” but if there’s a lot of soreness, watch out for thrush – it’s painful and is why a lot of women stop breastfeeding. Lanolin is the milk of the gods and if you can find acidophilus or a pro-biotic take it like a multivitamin every day. It wards off thrush like nothin else.
    -OMG, yes!
    -His really do!
    -There isn’t
    Even though I’m not a cat person, your cats crack me up.
    Take care!

  4. Jen the kid is cute, i love his big eyes. I can tell he is part of the family because in the picture he is pointing to who the man is. Keep sending more pictures I am saving them all. Though I could not view the album you sent, so i had to look at it at dads. Please resend me all those pictures.

    -Jefe “BoA”

  5. He’s so cute. It’s like he’s just waiting for the wisdom to come and one day he’s going to tell you all about it. It sounds like it’s going great. And yes that baby smell is heaven isn’t it?

  6. He is saying, “You talkin’ ta me?” Any ass-splosions yet? Baby poop through the clothes is the best!

  7. Sleep when you can.
    The whole not breathing thing freaked me the hell out for the first couple months, but it will get better.
    Lanolin is the best.
    Very cute photo.

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