He’s almost a month old? That can’t be right.

Each day last an eternity, but the weeks fly.

This is what I came home to yesterday after leaving the house solo for the first time since Max was born.

Despite my worries, they both lived.

IMG_2880I am so very lucky.


12 thoughts on “He’s almost a month old? That can’t be right.

  1. OMG! that is too cute. the matching outfits and all. it’s like sparky and his mini-me 🙂

    PS.: we got your card – thank you guys. would love to chat some time but i don’t wanna interfere with any sleeping/feeding schedules or anything. email to follow… ❤

  2. Your son and husband will shortly move into cute overload. You can avoid this by making sure that they never again wear matching shirts.

    Love, HB8

  3. Clones! So cute!
    I’m surprised you got out alive. If I leave a room Isabel stares at the door until I return.

  4. Funnily enough, I have a picture of the Man and SC in the same pose at about the same age. And to think she’s now as tall as I am!

    Glad you went out and left them on their own. Do so on a regular basis. He will become as expert with Max as you are. It really helps to know that you can go out and leave your precious bundle in safe hands and it’s good for both of them too!

  5. I remember my first solo trip out. I met some friends for coffee. I called when I got there. I called as I was about to leave. I am lucky I did not get a speeding ticket.

    The baby slept the entire time. Dad played computer games.

    I love this picture. Boys are so cute together.

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