A Small Request

Can we retire the phrase “Keep drinking the Kool-Aid” and all its bastardizations?

It’s over.  Let it go.  Find a new phrase.


8 thoughts on “A Small Request

  1. Oh! Oh! I’d be happy to lose “in the tank” and “jump the shark”, too. If you’re in any position to arrange that.

    glad to see that you are all doing so well.

  2. but i’ve only very rarely (& quite recently) made any “drank the kool-aid” references (never “keep drinking…”). so i’m still reserving rights…

  3. HB8: You may use it only if your plans include actual Kool-aid.

    Claire: I like your idea, but I’m afraid not even vodka can save that phrase

    AoM: Yes, especially that “Jumped the shark”. Man that is so played out.

    GBF: No. You are far better than any Kool-aid comment, you of that sharp, silver tongue.

  4. By the way, what’s this “jump-the-shark” business? Is that anything like Drinking the Kool-Aid? What’s the coversion rate? How many JTS to a DTKA?

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