Yet Another Item He Can Bring Up in Regression Therapy

Remember when i was reading all those books about different parenting styles and everyone told me to forget the books because once he was here it all goes out the window?  I scoffed.  And that Dr. Sears book?  I was all hardcore and boundaries.  I really thought he was a kook.

Yeah.  Well, as Max is never farther than a cry and most of the time he’s in my arms, I guess the joke is on me.  Seriously, I call his swing the Iron Mommy because I feel so guilty putting him down. I figure as long as he’s awake I’m supposed to hold him, kiss him and overall just love him up.  (This might be a factor in the slow burnout.)

Being that I am literally attached to my baby, I always eat with him in my arms or on my lap.  This has led to a list here in the house:

Things I’ve Spilled on My Son


Cookie, Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Pesto Ciabatta, Chips


Angel Hair, Fusili, Overdone Tortellini


Potatoes, Peas, Carrots


Ice Cream, various cakes

and toothpaste.

I don’t eat anything hot as I never actually get to it when it’s hot and hot drinks are out since there is no point if it doesn’t contain caffeine. He survives.

Oh and btw, he is offically out of 0-3 month clothes. He’s growing so fast I can’t even believe it.


6 thoughts on “Yet Another Item He Can Bring Up in Regression Therapy

  1. It’s ok. Wipe him off and move on. 😉

    P.S. there is nothing wrong with attachment parenting. i think it is serving my family well. 🙂

  2. I agree with Maria. Just wipe him off.

    It is okay to put him down though. He is a tough cookie and mommy is allowed to eat and go to the bathroom without the baby on her lap.

    Of course, Christopher now goes into the bathroom with me and climbs because he wants to flush, which has led to him almost falling in. That is something for therapy!

  3. i personally don’t think it’s healthy to be attached to your baby 24/7 but that’s just me. i think even (especially?) a new mom needs time to eat without holding an infant, pee alone and shower. i’m kinda with your midwife on some of the things she said. but then again, i’m one of those (heartless?) germans… and now, you can all yell at me 😉

    PS: i’m sure he’s okay with food spilled on him, too. i just don’t think i’d wanna eat like that for months…

    PPS: does the shirt fit him yet? i’d love to see a photo with him wearing it some time 🙂

  4. Hose him down … either in the tub or when he gets bigger on the deck with a garden hose … it worked for me … look at how my kids turned out … OK I think??

    Attached to Max … Our kids (daughter and son) were attached to us 24/7 until they were in their teens … remember … or was this just a dream??

    These are all great things to remember later in life … even better if your daughter has a child …..

  5. You’ll put him down when you’re ready…hopefully before he lands in the pooper, but like everyone already said above: you can wipe him off.


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