On Cat Watch

One of our three cats ate part of a lily on Sunday morning. After an emergency visit to the vet, we’re hoping they’re okay, but I have a bad feeling.  Scrunchy is not acting like his usual self.

Once the toxin has hit the kidneys, it’s over and one waits for the kidney failure to kick in – 3-5 days.

I had no idea lilies were poisonous.  The flower itself was totally out of cat reach. The dead petals of one  fell to the floor in the night.

If you have cats, check out this list:  Plants Toxic to Cats



7 thoughts on “On Cat Watch

  1. Had an awful scare that way here a month or two back with an azalea, but fortunately Bella puked it right back up and Poison Control for pets said it would be okay. And it was.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your fluffy friend.!

  2. Crossing my fingers. At least one of them I know to be pretty lucky, but all too curious. I dearly hope the luck holds out for all three, Jen. Keep us posted? M

  3. I’m crossing my fingers for your furry friends. Like Claire said, maybe the dead petals are less toxic. Thanks for the link.

  4. He’s holding on. He gets a charcoal dose every 8 hours. a few more days until we’re out of the woods. Thanks for the positive thoughts. We need ’em.

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