Mad Hatter

Tell me this photo of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter doesn’t look like Madonna. Article here.



5 thoughts on “Mad Hatter

  1. Well first we should agree that it just looks scary!
    Depp can really get into these things, eh?

    As for the Madonna thing… is it the tooth gap?
    I began wondering if JD actually HAS a tooth gap or if there is something Photoshoppy going on here. Dare you to do an image search for him, he almost NEVER smiles! He is one of the most photographed guys in the world today and I had trouble finding a smile on the guy.

    No tooth gap. Having such a gap myself, I know that if I were to have it fixed they would build up the two teeth on each side to meet in the middle causing them to look unnaturally wide… and it would be expensive. Looking at the picture above, it kind of looks like this is what Johnny has had done. Maybe he DID have a gap. Maybe they took away the dental work for this movie. But then the teeth in the Mad Hatter image look better than the teeth in the link I’ve found… Hmmmmmm

    Am I going too deeply into this?
    Am I a little crazy about the gap thing?
    Have I now written more in the comments than was in the original post?
    Yes, in the first sentence.
    Am I bored at work?

    Oh oh… and how about this…

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