Pre-requisite for Politics

Be a dumb ass.

Fly to Argentina to be with your dear, dear friend.  Tell everyone you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Don’t check in.  Come home and wonder why people were worried.

What a dope.

Hey, how about you tell people you need a break and leave it at that.  Your wife ain’t gonna believe the Appalachian trail thing anyway and you’re separated. Try not to set up the situation to fail from the start, you moron.

I’m not a very good liar when it comes to well, lying, but I’m really good at coming up with believable lies. (I can’t stick the landing.) I think I’ll start a school for future politicians.

Seriously, I’m not even having that much fun anymore watching Pols self-destruct.  It’s like visiting castles here in Krautland.  The first 20 or so are fabulous, but after a while, eh, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  It’s not even fun anymore that these are the most virulent about ‘morality’.  It’s just bor-ing.

Can someone come up with a good juicy scandal we haven’t lived through vicariously 100 times before?  Please?

(Not you, Obama.  You stay just how you are.)

For your viewing pleasure, Max says Hi.



7 thoughts on “Pre-requisite for Politics

  1. I think he wanted to get caught. I have followed his career for awhile and over the past few months he has looked . . . tired. A sex scandal might be an easy way out.

  2. With a face that cute, MAX could get voted governor of S Carolina.
    Heaven knows he’s probably got more sense at his age than Sanford and his pals will ever have!

    Oh, well. It IS a good time to be a Democrat!

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