We’re keeping him.


I like him.

He cleans like nobody’s business.

He’s nice.

He likes my sandwiches.

And Sparky’s coffee.

He likes babies.

He thinks both parents should be up in the night.

He speaks with a British accent.

He does windows.

He walks around barefoot.

He cleans like a freaking demon.

He has a great smile and is not afraid of smiling.

I like him.

We’re keeping him.

I have found our cleaning lady.

He’s a dude.

He rocks my cleaning needs world.


12 thoughts on “Elijah

  1. TQe: Thanks, he was the 5th. And I’m not being an Emily Gilmore. I swear.
    HB8: If he worked naked, you’d have to stand in line. He’s one handsome university student. yes, indeed.

  2. GBF: You have your hands full with university students.

    Christina: He is the youngest of four, but I’m not sure his brother would be up for cleaning. And Yes, he polishes up to Sparky’s standards. See what I mean?

    Andrea: You’re leaving. You’ll have to find your own dude in PA.

    Maria: I@m so going to try and get a picture. Hopefully next week he’ll be so warm in the heat, he’ll have to take off his shirt. Then I’ll snap away. I guess I might have to actually ask him if i’m to share his smile. He might be up for it.

  3. but my so-called ‘university students’ only ‘polish the knob’ — not really good for actual cleaning. (BTW, i am still trending young-ish, but none that are actually students…)

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