1 Kid = 8 weeks, 5.91 kilos, 1000 kisses daily

1 Night =  4 hours, 1 feeding, 2 more hours

1 Refrigerator minus 1 compressor = zero food, condiments and 4 day wait for repair

1 Refrigerator minus 1 compressor = 8  150ml bags of  freedom breast milk down the drain

1 cat + 1 bladder infection= 5 visits to vet

1 new baby swing = countless nap hours

All is fine over here.  New baby swing has Max sleeping, well, like a new mom who has been without sleep for 8 weeks.  I’m sleeping better too.  I woke him up one night because he was an hour late and I thought there had to be something wrong.  Perhaps I worry too much.  All my experienced mom friends thought I was nuts and instructed me to NEVER wake a sleeping baby and to count my blessings.

I’m going to do just that.

He’s asleep right now.  Laundry is laundry-ing. Sparky is out.  I’m going to nap in the nice cool air-conditioned room while the rest of Darmstadt melts in the humid hell-like conditions.

Thanks, Mike for the A/C.  It works wonders.

new swing has a mirror


8 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. LOVE IT! He looks like he is about to say, “Dude!”

    Is there some unwritten rule in your mortgage that an appliance breaks down every few months? Sweetie, I think you have some gremlins in your wiring.

  2. My nerd self loves your crunching of numbers! 🙂 Glad the swing is working. I would have gone bonkers without ours!!!

  3. I loved our swing. I first felt bad for allowing The Boy to sleep in it, but dang if I didn’t need that sleep too! I love his double chin and cheeks! I love you both!

  4. Love that hair!

    If the compressor was still working on the freezer, freeze the mm next time.I know the pain! Or ask a neighbor for freezer space.

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