Happy Birthday, Dad.

There is nothing like having a kid to understand your parents better.  There is nothing like having a kid to keep your parents entertained.

Today I called my Dad to wish him Happy Birthday.  He noticed the music playing in the background.

It was the music from this.

My dad was there when I declared that Max would have only organically grown, earth friendly toys.  Nothing made in China.  No plastic, nothing that required batteries and absolutely nothing that played music.

I was delighted with my Baby Bjorn bouncy seat and a simple play mat.  MY kid wouldn’t need anything else because I would stimulate him as is my job as a mom.


Tatiana – go ahead.  I can hear your laugh across the Atlantic.

Two swings (both play music), a baby seat and two play mats (one requires 3 C batteries) later, my Dad is belly laughing.

I told him I spent last night with my friends Pee – two leaky diapers and a cat post bladder surgery, Poop – a 3 am blow-out, a massive hair ball and a spit-up tsunami.

He laughed again.  He’s loving the grandkid and he’s loving the stories.  Max, Sparks and I can’t wait until he comes out in October.

Thanks, Dad for raising me.  Thanks for giving me all the tools I needed to be at this place in my life.  Thanks for the safety rails to keep me from careening off yet allowing me my space.  Thanks for the pink hair dye you bought me when I was 12 and the low lights from John last Christmas. And thanks for not getting me a trunk lock that one Christmas.

I love you.


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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad.

  1. We rarely appreciate them until we’re grown… but parents mean so much in our lives. Happy to see that you recognize this in your father.
    I spent 2 hours on the phone last night wishing my pop a happy birthday. It’s hard to be so far away from him.

  2. Being a father is great … being Jennifer’s father is the best of all …

    When people ask me what riches I have in my life … I show them a picture of Jennifer and Jeff … enought said ….

    Love Dad

  3. … still laughing…
    the really funny thing is is that I remember that only organic, no music, no plastic and no China conversation! lol

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