No More Pants

Max just demonstrated that he is his father’s son.

He can now undo his diaper.


6 thoughts on “No More Pants

  1. GL_ Seriously. I leave him naked for 3 minutes and that diaper is off and he’s playing with the tabs. wait until he finds his little ding-a-ling. then he’ll fur shur be like his dad, huh.

    M: if only. Sparkys was “clean” by 1 year. If he had diapers at least some of the repression would find its way out.

    The house motto is No More Pants.

    S: Yeah. I think so too. Hopefully I can raise him to be respectful of women as well.

  2. This post made water come out my nose. That’s what I get for reading while taking a drink. I still remember the boy finding his penis… trauma for me when he said it feels good.

  3. Never mind the front end, watch out for “performance art” with the contents of the back end. SC did that–managed to paint her crib and herself with the contents. 😦

    Definitely, a onesie!

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