A Glass Half Full

Guess which day is my birthday?


Birthdays of the last few years:

2008 – found out I was pregnant!

2007 – Tribute to my dearest friend who is no longer in Krautland, the traitor

2006 – A BBQ here at the House of flying cats – it was the hail that put out the BBQ that day.

2005 – In the US dealing with Mim’s cancer

2004 – Well, this is when I first started blogging.

Where will we be next year?


11 thoughts on “A Glass Half Full

  1. I’ve never read The Farmer’s Almanac, but I am positive it will rain on Aug 21 forever.

    It rains every year and after 37 of those years, i’m really okay with it. Especially this year as it has been unbearably hot the last week or so. A nice cool rain.

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday.
    I know how it sucks, when its raining on your birthday. Mine is in october. There´s a lot of rain in october….
    By the way, today is also the beginning of Ramadan (I know, that´s not really better…).
    Cut a big yellow Sun from a paper sheet, pin it to your wall, make spary mix you a (non alcohol) cocktail, and imagine, how sweet the life can be.
    (for me that is always a big help)

  3. It’s after midnight so I can now wish you a Happy Birthday in true German style! Hope it’s a great day despite the rain. I was kind of glad to get some cooler weather after that scorcher yesterday.

  4. happy birthday, jen. i hope you’re having a wonderful first birthday with max (what did he get you) and are enjoying the rain. i’m loving it, too although i didn’t mind the heat in the last few days too much. sending you a fat hug and kiss! 🙂

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