At his latest check up:

3.5 months

Weight:  7180 grams / 15 pounds and 13.26 ounces

Length:  65 cm / 25.6 inches

Cuteness factor: 110


Max got his first vaccinations on Tuesday and has been a bit under the weather since.  He cried for maybe a minute after the shots.  I cried for ten.  A feverish and very tired little guy has been keeping me busy since then.



10 thoughts on “MaxiMaus

  1. Oy. The fever does tucker them out, but he will be back on his feet soon. The second picture is precious!

    PS I sent it in.

  2. Make certain that you let the doctor know about his reaction. A fever for a day or so is very normal. More than that is not quite as typical.

    It’s probably not an issue, but the first vaccinations are an indication of how future ones will go. If he’s having a tough time with this one, they sometimes recommend that you stretch the time between vaccinations or separate the shots instead of doing multiple vaccines in one. Just in case future reactions are worse.

  3. I definitely think that cuteness factor should be higher too. When my son got his first shots, he cried a lot actually. I really cried a lot. So much in fact they had to ask me to move into the hall cause they needed the room back. So ten minutes, that’s pretty good 🙂

    And like GL said a day is normal but you should definitely let the doctor know if it’s longer.

  4. I usually give my little guys a dose of infant Tylenol right before we go in to the doctor’s office on vaccination days.

    Max is definitely in the “super-duper cuteness factor” level.

  5. He’s melting my heart. Look at his precious little chin! Mine boys were also a bit cranky for a day or two after their vaccines but it’s so nice to know they’re protected from at least some of the nasties in this world.

  6. I don’t have the heart to tell all my other friends who’ve recently had babies that while theirs are cute, the most adorable one lives in Germany! 🙂 Objectively (as in he’s not mine), he really is the best looking baby ever.

    I know you’re not a big fan of BF, but when my girl got her shots I would feed her right away and it seemed to help. A bottle too might help him shift his focus.

  7. when Malcolm was about 2 & getting a round got a vaccinations, just after receiving the shots, he looked up @ the nurse & said “Thank You.” she just about fell on the floor.

    dose of infant ant-inflammatory/fever reducer just before the doctor visit is a good idea.

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