I’m boring these days.  GBF e-mailed me about Folsom Street Fair and Dutch penii. I used to have such a well, interesting life.  I remember way back when, like a year ago, August 3rd was the last day to be exact, when Sparky and I were all free to be you and me.  Now, it’s all about the heartbeats in the house and how I care for them.

Cats are continually sick.  Sparky is on the road and Max, after his first play date, caught a cold that I have been nursing for the last few days.

Back in the bubble for that kid.  No more babies until he’s at least six months old and I’m no longer living every night as if SIDS is going to take him. I haven’t figured out how to stop worrying, just how to live with the worry and a smaller amount of sleep checking on him. I have this fear that it’s just too good, he’s just too perfect, my love for him is too great – he’ll be taken away.  I know, get thee to a therapist.

Sparky picked up another light-hearted film for us to watch over the weekend – The Wrestler.  Yeah, I know.  Not quite a rom-com, is it?  The last time he brought home Slumdog Millionaire.  Apparently the musical number at the end had him convinced it was going to be FUN!  I turned it off after the mother got it with a cricket bat.

He attempted to rent The Reader to which I said a big fat no unless we went for the full Monty and rented Schindler’s List, Sophie’s Choice and for dessert, Life is Beautiful.  Really, go big or go home, right?

Since Max something changed within me.  He opened this door of softness and sensitivity that I cannot close. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one that gets in these days.  He must have been born in a barn or something because he left that door wide open, damn kid.

Not that I was ever that hardcore, but I could watch movies, mostly.  These days if it’s not a Queen Latifah comedy, well, forget it.  I know those are good movies, I just won’t be able to stop crying my little heart out and I hate crying.  Just ask Sparky, I’m not a cryer.  I cried in Wall-E when Wall-E left his little cockroach friend for Eva.  See what I mean? It’s pathetic.

In other hopefully non-cry-ey news, our Kablooey room under construction.  It’s really the laundry/storage room.  I call it the Kablooey room because between the heat from the dryer and the chemicals, I fully expect to blow the roof off the mill some day. Kablooey!

We’re installing cabinetry to prevent Max from fully exploring his range of tolerance for cat litter and chemicals and life endangering crawling scenarios.  I have cleverly scheduled this around my Dad and brother’s visit.  Nothing like a Honey-Do list for my Dad’s visit.

Which brings me to the next point.  When my Dad and Bro are here, blogging might take a far backseat (if life were a mini-van) to the visit.  They only come ever five years or so and this time I actually had to go through childbirth to get my brother on a plane.  Not planning on that again anytime soon so I have to cram all my family time in.

Here is a new picture of Max.  He is four months, four weeks and a day old today.  Little guy is growing up way too fast. I asked him to stop.  He just giggled in response.

Ollie Max conference



10 thoughts on “Heartbeats

  1. well have fun with the fam! a year ago we were there around the same time i think. wow. a whole year… C was hoping to be able and come for halloween @ the castle this year but it seems like you’re busy with other visitors 😉 let us know when you’ll be in this corner of germany again. i would love to smell max before the baby smell starts to disappear! xoxo

  2. Miss crazy lady: I’ll get C a poster for shure. They’re really scary this year. I’m going to keep Max pretty much around family for hsi first 6 months. then well start travelling and hosting again. You and C are on this list! His baby smell just gets better and better.

    Oh, and I’m adding a picture. He is wearing his Maximus T-shirt today. He finally grew into it. it looks great on him. thank you soo much.

  3. Beautiful post – and so true about the door they open. I think somehow I’m afraid I’ll channel anything negative I watch into her that I’m less interested in certain types of movies, etc. Except cheesy sci-fi – just not the violent kind anymore.
    Enjoy your family and good luck with the construction project.

  4. The first time they are sick is the absolute hardest!! I thought I would die when Christopher spiked a fever and would not stop crying.

    Someone told me something frightening last week. The average child gets sick at least 12 times a year! OMG! However, they do need to build their little immune systems up. Christopher constantly has a snotty nose, but he keeps truckin’.

    They do grow up fast. Christopher said, “Shit” for the first time today. Opps! Better start watching my language. Hope that puts a smile on your face. Kisses!

    (PS If you bail on Thanksgiving, I will not be happy 😉

  5. oh yes, please add a picture. i can’t wait to see the shirt in action! 🙂 i understand your wanting to take it easy with him for the first few months. family time is good time. but i also cannot wait to meet you guys. if you come up here for thanksgiving i hope we can get together. C might be back home then but i’m broke and won’t fly this year so i’ll be around. xoxo

  6. Enjoy your family visit and put them to work while they are feeling all gaga over Max!

    Your own child knocks you flat in such unexpected ways. Before them I was a hard core sex crimes prosecutor; can’t even describe the photos, evidence, and pain I used to see. Now a friggin’ Disney movie will cause me tear up and I can’t stop myself from telling people how amazing my kids are (btw have I told how Hew did in his first soccer game . . . ). The sleep thing will come back and the first couple years they’ll pick up every cold and bring it home to you. What I am trying to say is that it is normal and good your kid has spun your life around.

  7. Hope your little sweetie feels better soon! Just look at him on his tummy like a big boy. It gets easier as they get older but when they’re small they seem to pick up everything going and it can be scary.

  8. aversion to easy crying or not, you must watch “The Reader” immediately (easy to say for one who is going to Folsom Street Fair tomorrow). i tear up every time i even think about it… like now. i watched it a day after i watched “Slumdog…” which , while a great movie, is a walk in the park emotionally (for me @ least) compared to “Reader.”

    u & Max will get through the first sickness. it gets easier. they’re sick for a few hours — then we’re sick for several days.


  9. Two more suggestions to your banned movie list: English Patient and Il Postino.

    Thanks for admitting about the Well_E thing. I wondered if I was alone there. Don’t have a baby as an excuse though…maybe I need meds.

    OH and I can’t even watch the trailer for that Kirschbluten movies without choking. Not watching that anytime soon, although I am sure it’s excellent.

    As for the worry thing, sounds normal to me. Give yourself time.

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