Heavenly Sale

This is for all those expats who want an American bed.

The Westin is having a 25% off sale.

It’s a bit pricey, but so worth it.  We I was considering a Haestens* because he thinks I’m a luxury bitch I hate the typical euro bed.  Sparky said a big fat no to the idea of a Haestens.  Not that we could even afford it, but to say no to an idea?  Come on.

I haven’t slept well in over 6 years.  I think that is long enough.

Now that we’ve ordered the Westin Heavenly, I’ll have to be in a better mood.  I’ll no longer get to bitch about having to spend three hours of precious Max-asleep time trying to get comfortable and fall asleep myself.

Shit. I’m gonna have to be nice.

Well, I’ll worry about that in 9-11 weeks.


7 thoughts on “Heavenly Sale

  1. OMG! I stayed at a Westin in Toronto. The bed really was heavenly. I clicked on by it all . . . considering we may be getting a new car soon asking to spend that much on a bed . . . not going to happen. Claire sad.

  2. OK, so any company that advertises their product with naked women, I’m 100% for it! It’s the shiny labels that get me, every time.

  3. Heck with the bed, I’m still not over that spectacular desk chair I sat in in your office back in ’06. I’d love to know what that was so I can starting saving and have two of my own by, say, 2014. *lol*

  4. Claire: Man, it might be worth it. don’t get all the bedding crap. iy’s way overpriced for what it is. 250 euro for a poly bed skirt. I don’t think so. But the bed. WAAAAY worth it.

    Jeni: Why do you think I married an ad man? I’m a total sucker for marketing. Although, this bed is really worth it. I tried it our on my birthday at the Frankfurt Westin.

    Lisa: That would be a steel Aeron chair by Herman Miller – black leather and polished chrome/aluminium.

    I wanted something more, uh, sturdy than plastic for my larger than average behind and the metal skeleton is fabulous. They are comfortable, but for Sparky, it was all about design.

    I kid you not, when we were furnishing this loft, Sparky wanted a concrete sofa because it had clean lines. He’s come along way since then even deigning to sit in my upholstered gray chair, Chairy.

    If you lived in California, you could pick one up for a couple of bucks. They are a dime a dozen after the dot com bust. They were the chair everyone who sat for any length of time HAD to have. All the businesses collapsed and the aerons had no homes. And sadly there is no rescue foundations for aerons.

  5. I can relate to the bed issue. My husband has a flat in Stuttgart with the “topic” European bed. Almost like a mattress on the floor when you compare it the high thick mattress we here in the States.

    Be NICE ! lol

  6. Mmmm Haestens. We have their DVD around here somewhere. Oliver is totally in love with them. He would totally support your dream of having one. He’ll know that he has arrived in the income bracket fitting his aspired consumer level when he can finally have one.

    After China, when we found out how expensive it is to store or import certain things, we compromised on a crap bed “for a few years” until we knew what was going on with us. Our plan was to switch out that crap bed, oh, about now.

    Sale huh? Mebbe I’ll check it out.

  7. Thank you! I’ll probably not find one but I’m going to look anyway. Your mention that they’re a dime a dozen fits perfectly with my luck, which dictates that I’m either ten years ahead of the pack of ten years behind it.

    I can’t even imagine a concrete couch. I don’t even want to imagine a concrete couch, except maybe as sculpture in a museum.

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